New BlackBerry Bold 9270 spotted, runs old BB7 OS

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New BlackBerry Bold 9270 spotted, runs old BB7

We're right in the middle of putting BlackBerry's gently priced Q5 through review testing, but the latest phone leak from Waterloo (well, Thailand actually) doesn't run BB10 at all and will presumably weigh in at an even lower price tag. According to ThaiBBClub, the Bold 9720 you see before you will run on OS version 7, with all the requisite legacy hardware keys and menus. While it looks nothing like the 9900-mimicking Bold 9790 that came before it, there's still a full square-ish keyboard (with contoured keys), as well as a striped finish on the back that'll be familiar to the BB faithful still out there. Unfortunately, there's nothing leaked resembling a spec sheet, but you can visit the source link for a full gallery tour.

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