Nokia Lumia 520 hands-on (update: video!)

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Nokia Lumia 520 handson

Did you think the Nokia Lumia 620 was a solid enough smartphone to shake up emerging markets, thanks to its low cost? Say hello to the Lumia 520, which at an estimated cost of $183 will be one of the (if not the) least expensive Windows Phone 8 devices once it comes out later this quarter. It's attracted a commitment from T-Mobile in the US (timeframe not yet specified) and other carriers around the world, so we're likely going to see a lot more of this little beaut in the future. Naturally, it's time for a face-to-face introduction.

The Lumia brand as a whole is very consistent in its overall design language, so it's not difficult to tell that the 520 fits perfectly in the lineup. It will be offered in five of Nokia's usual colors: cyan, red, black, yellow and white. If you're interested in swapping covers, snap-on backs will be available -- but beware, the actual back of the device itself isn't removable. The right side of the phone houses three buttons: the volume rocker, power and the dedicated shutter button. A 3.5mm jack sits on top, whereas the micro-USB charger is on the bottom.

While it felt a little cheaper (as one would expect with such a low-end handset), it still seemed to be held together quite solidly. Interestingly, the phone's weight wasn't distributed across the device like we saw on the 720, but instead the middle of the device seemed pretty hollow, even though it held its fair share of circuitry and other components. Take a peek below if you're interested in a full photo tour of the 520, and continue reading for more impressions and specs.

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