Nokia Lumia 925 hands-on (update: video)

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Nokia Lumia 925 handson update video

At Nokia's London launch event, we've just managed to spend a bit of time with the gray version of the 4.5-inch Lumia 925. If you felt its polycarbonate predecessor was a little unwieldy in dimensions or weight, you might be pleased with what Nokia's crafted here. Its new Windows Phone flagship marks the company's return to metal-bodied smartphones, and in the process, it's become both lighter and thinner. This isn't a marginal shedding of a few grams, either -- there's a noticeable difference when compared to the Lumia 920. Likewise, the smaller frame makes the Lumia 920 feel all of a sudden rather chunky. Despite the slimmer lines, Nokia keeps the internal specifications largely the same, so you're getting an identical dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, although this time there's only 16GB of storage -- sacrifices had to be made somewhere, we guess.

Imaging-wise, and yes, it's still all about the camera with Nokia, there's the same 8.7-megapixel camera sensor from the 920 model, although Nokia says it's made countless improvements to noise-reduction algorithms and other inner workings. While the hardware has remained mostly unchanged, the company's gone to town on the camera app, moving beyond the Windows Phone Lens system to craft a new Smart Cam interface. Our favorite part here is the ability to leap straight into it instead of the standard camera app. Once we set it up within the app itself, it launched just as swiftly as the regular option. Performance, in general, was identical to what we've experienced on both the 928 and 920 (the same processor will do that), keeping up with our task transitions and web-browsing tests. We're putting the finishing touches to our hands-on video, but you can find more impressions on the hardware (and that Smart Cam) after our gallery and the break.

Update: Now with video!

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