Nokia reveals another new Lumia smartphone in UK ad, teases 'more than your eyes can see' (video)

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Nokia reveal new Lumia smartphone in the UK ad, teases 'more than your eyes can see' video

We're still days away from Nokia's London media event, but the comapny's apparently got a realtasteforteasers. A new 20-second promo clip aired today in the UK, and although it doesn't outline any outright specs or model numbers, we we get a (very) up-close look at a dual-flash arrangement (unlike the xenon flash seen on Verizon's Lumia 928), a glossy white shell and some metal detailing. We're relieved that Nokia has something new to unveil in the UK next week, but we're now itching hearing exactly how this Windows Phone will differ from the now-public Lumia 928. We'll have all the details on Tuesday morning.

Update:The Verge has managed to upload a digital copy of the ad. See it for yourself right after the break.

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Source:Pocket-Lint, The Verge

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