NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email

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NSA can reportedly tap smartphones, access BlackBerry email

Roaming confusion has already caused the NSA to "accidentally" listen in on domestic calls, but according to a report from Spiegel, the organization is capable of a lot more. The German news magazine says it has seen evidence that the NSA can tap smartphones for SMS traffic, location data, contact list information and more. The claims, reportedly outlined in internal NSA documents, specifically call out iOS and BlackBerry devices as targets, describing the ability to access iPhone data by hacking a recently synced PC. BlackBerry access seems a bit more direct, Spiegelreports, suggesting that the NSA can tap into the BlackBerry email system. BlackBerry officials told Spiegelit wouldn't comment on the allegations, but assured the news source that it hasn't provided the NSA with a "'back door' pipeline to our platform." Regardless, it's a haunting claim -- particularly for folks that use BlackBerry devices for their heavily toutedsecurity, but considering everything the NSA has been up to recently, we can't say we're entirely surprised.

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