Olympus teases new flagship PEN camera, tours it around China on May 11th

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Olympus China teases a new flagship PEN camera

Last year, Olympus' release schedule danced around the E-P3: the camera maker launched the semi-pro OM-D E-M5 and refreshed its smaller PEN bodies, but didn't touch its original mirrorless form factor. We know the company won't be forgetting its roots this year, as its Chinese branch has posted a teaser for a next-generation, flagship PEN camera. There are no official details beyond superlatives about "classic" textures and "unprecedented control," but rumors suggest it will be called the E-P5 (E-P4 skipped due to superstitions) and might be joined by the mid-tier E-PL6. We won't have long to learn the full story when Olympus is showing off its new PEN in four Chinese cities between May 11th and June 1st -- in-person demos require more than just a silhouette, after all.

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