Origin PC lineup makes the leap to Haswell, GeForce GTX 700M

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Origin PC lineup makes the leap to Haswell, GeForce GTX 700M

Origin PC makes a point of embracing game-friendly technology as soon as it arrives, and you'd better believe it's welcoming Haswell-based processors with open arms: virtually all of its computer line is making the jump to the faster Intel hardware. The raw CPU power is the main highlight for the Chronos, Genesis and Millennium desktops, while those buying the larger EON15-S and EON17-S laptops get a few additional treats. Origin PC is adopting NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 765M, 770M and 780M graphics for the portables' mainstream editions. It's also letting the truly storage-addicted run two simultaneous RAID configurations if their laptop has four drives. The Haswell upgrades bump EON15S-S and EON17-S prices by about two Benjamins to $1,722 and $1,784 respectively, but players who just have to stay current can pay the premium today.

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