PayPal offers preview of much-needed site redesign, finally enters Web 2.0

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PayPal offers preview of much needed site redesign

While PayPal's recently revamped homepage looks fresh and modern, the actual account interface is still mired in the past, seemingly unchanged since the early aughts when the company first hit it big alongside Ugg boots and American Idol. As the online payment giant seeks to reinvent itself however, it's finally bringing the site design into the future. PayPal has offered a sneak peek at the new look, and it's certainly more in line with current design tropes, with a cleaner and clearer aesthetic and improved navigation to boot. The refreshed design also hints at the company's upcoming retail efforts like in-store checkouts and purchasing grace periods where you can buy the item at the store, bring it home and then decide where the funds should come from. We're still not sure when the redesign will roll out, but we're guessing it'll be around when those Discover Network cards come into play. For more screenshots of the new PayPal, take the design tour at the source.

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