Plex releases 3.0 overhaul for Android, 3.2 update for iOS

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Plex releases 3.0 overhaul for Android, 3.2 update for iOS

Plex's Android app revamp has been brewing for awhile, but it's at last ready: the 3.0 app is out of beta and available for everyone. The remake provides a much more polished interface, PlexSync support and speedier access to large libraries. It's facing a rocky start, however. The initial 3.0 release required a myPlex account and didn't include a remote control widget, and those have only just been fixed with a quick follow-up patch. We wouldn't lean on earlier versions of Android, regardless of what features you like -- the interface rewrite cuts off support for OS releases before Android 3.2.

iOS users aren't left out of the upgrades. Version 3.2 isn't as dramatic a makeover, but it does offer tangible improvements over 3.1 that include the Android version's faster media access and fixes for conspicuous PlexSync bugs. Quick updaters even get a reward for their trouble: the 3.2 client lets the iOS app serve as a remote playback target for other Plex-equipped devices. Whichever platform you prefer, the app update (or a fresh $5 copy) is waiting at one of the source links.

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