Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube hands-on

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Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube hands-on

Playing around with ThinkGeek's table full of toys was unquestionably a highlight of 2013 CES experience, which is (thankfully) nearly at an end. In amongst the always awesome licensed Star Trek and Star Wars toys was the Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube, a strange game device created with ThinkGeek. The device brings to mind the Rubik's Cube, if only because its a geometrical puzzle game. In place of colored squares are a series of different colored LED lights.

Like Rubik's famous three-dimensional toy, the Futuro isn't particularly easy to master. It has a menu system and offers up a series of audible commands to access its different games. Getting started takes a quick shake and it can be put to sleep with couple of taps. There's also a USB port on one side for downloading software updates, including new games.

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