PS Vita 3G price drops to $199 at certain Sony outlets

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PS Vita 3G price drops to $199 at certain Sony outlets

Just when we had gotten used to the idea that the PS Vita's price drop in Japanwould not be followed by a similar one here, Joystiq reports many Sony stores are offering the 3G bundle at a discount. While not all the stores contacted had the lowered $199 price, most of the ones that were still open at this hour did. We're not seeing this price drop reflected in any other stores, and there's no official announcement of any change, which only contributes to the confusion. Different store employees gave different explanations for the change, including a few indicating the model would be discontinued. The online shop still shows both the WiFi and 3G models for $249, so for now all we know is that if you are interested in buying, it would serve you well to look around for the lower price.

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