Rethinking the flagship: The case for Nokia's Lumia 620

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DNP Is this the phone that could rescue Nokia

It's easy to dismiss the Lumia 620 as yet another cheaply-priced smartphone, but that isn't the case. In fact, Nokia's latest release made me completely rethink Windows Phone. Sure, the mobile OS lacks the app selection of its rivals, but maybe I didn't need them to begin with. Maybe I didn't need the same processor found in rival Android devices to run an OS that's generally much lighter and more direct. Perhaps Nokia thought the same thing, because in reading over the Lumia 620's spec sheet, there's a lot of decidedly low-to-middleweight hardware. But it's hundreds of dollars less than the Lumia 920 and once I got my hands on it, I realized this was the Windows Phone I had been waiting for.

Nokia needs a success. So does Microsoft -- it's been two years to the day since Windows Phone 7 was first announced

Nokia needs a success. So does Microsoft -- it's been three years to the day since Windows Phone 7 was first announced. Since then, we've seen Nokia transplant its ill-fated N9 into the stylish Lumia 800; then the bigger (and not as slick) Lumia 900 tried to crack America. On the sidelines, second-string Lumias like the 710 or the 610 arrived to antipathy. They lacked the design punch, build quality (and colors!) of the high-end iterations. Then late in 2012, Windows Phone 8 arrived and the pocket-straining Lumia 920 was unfortunately pitted against the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. An operating system that still had to prove itself was now going up against Android's and iOS' strongest players and on a two-year contract, to boot! That's a deep bet to make on a fledgling, niche OS.The Lumia 920 attempted to play on its strengths (like admittedly superb low-light photos and an enhanced touchscreen) to warrant the premium, but it doesn't quite hit home for me.Dropping any price-tag pretension, it's the Lumia 620 that is Nokia's most compelling Windows Phone to date.

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