RetroSound's Bluetooth-enabled in-dash radio for classic cars now up for grabs

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RetroSound's Bluetooth-enabled in-dash radio for classic cars now up for grabs

Sure, slamming an 8-track into your vintage car may give it the look and feel of yesteryear, but it'd also bring the frustration inherent in outdated media. Cue RetroSound's freshly-available Model Two: an in-dash radio that pairs classic looks with modern features. According to Retro Sound, the Model Two is the only radio made specifically for vintage autos that carries the Made-for-iPod designation, and the only one in its class packing hands-free call features as well. Using Bluetooth, the hardware can connect to iOS and Android devices and pipes audio from any app through a car's sound system. If you prefer auxiliary input or USB connections, the kit has those covered too.

As for hooking up to sound systems, the rig packs front and rear RCA pre-outs, separate subwoofer outputs and a baked-in 25-watt x 4 channel RMS power amplifier, to boot. Retro Sound promises the rig mounts into "virtually any classic vehicle," and even carries a bevy of bezels, faceplates and knobs to make sure it the piece of tech mimics an original factory radio. The kit's 32,000-color LCD back-lit display might give passengers a hint it's from this century, but with a $400 price tag, such bells and whistles are welcome. For a look at the faceplate and knob combos, jab the bordering source link.

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