Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch prototype leaked ahead of September 4th launch

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch images leaked ahead of September 4th launch

Been wondering what Samsung's upcoming smartwatch was going to look like? Take a seat, VentureBeatgot a first look at the upcoming wearable over the weekend. According to the outlet, the prototype device features a three inch display, built in speakers and a 4-megapixel camera built directly into the watch's wrist strap. VentureBeatdescribes the Samsung Galaxy Gear a lightweight, but somewhat dwarfing, featuring a "clunky" and large wristband and quite a bit of bulk. Although VentureBeatwasn't allowed to take pictures of the alleged prototype, it did manage to snag a few screengrabs from an internal promotional video -- showing off the device's camera, screen and touch menu system. The watch also is said to support Samsung S Voice commands as well as an assortment of pre-loaded health apps that include heart and calorie monitors, as well a pedometer. Users can also take pictures of food and categorize it for later review.

Although the prototype seems to suggest that Samsung is marketing the device as a health accessory, its features also fill the bill for a standard smartphone companion. VentureBeatnoted social media features, a functional call log and independent internet access via WiFi, allowing users to use the watch without a smartphone if needed. The watch is also reportedly rated to last for more than ten hours on a single charge -- a little shy in longevity if it's your primary timepiece, but perhaps enough for a fitness focused accessory. We'll find out more when Samsung officially reveals the wearable on Wednesday, but if you're itching for more info, check out the attached source for more images and VentureBeat'sown artistic rendition of the prototype.

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