Samsung unveils 3D-capable NX300 mirrorless camera and 45mm f/1.8 2D/3D lens ahead of CES (eyes-on)

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Samsung unveils 3Dcapable NX300 mirrorless camera and 45mm f18 2D3D lens eyeson

TVs and robotic vacuums aren't the only Smart-branded devices Samsung will be showing off at this year's CES. We just met with the company here in NYC to take a look at its newest entrant into the camera game, dubbed the NX300. No, it's not Android-equipped, but this 20.3-megapixel APS-C shooter stands as its new flagship mirrorless model, boasting a key gimmick feature of 3D capability for stills and videos (up to 1080p at 60fps) thanks to a new DRIMe IV processor.

Getting the usual numbers aside, you'll be able to harness an ISO range of 100 to 25600, a maximum shutter speed of 1,6000 and a top speed of 8.6fps for JPG bursts. On back, you'll find a 3.31-inch, 768 dot AMOLED touch-display, and a d-pad-esque section with five buttons for manual control. Lastly, there's a dedicated mode dial on the top, along with a full-size hot shoe mount. This shooter is also WiFi-enabled like previous cameras in the range, allowing you to share content wirelessly and giving you access to apps, like a remote viewfinder that works with iOS and Android devices.

Having a new NX that can handle 3D naturally calls for a lens that can shoot it, and a 2D/3D-capable f/1.8 45mm lens was also shown to us -- a "world-first," according to Sammy. While you won't be able to shoot in 3D with older NX cameras (we're told they don't have the processing power), it'll still work as regular 2D lens if you're interested in its focal perspective. We spent a few fleeting moments with an engineering sample of the camera in-hand, so join us past the break for more.

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