Sonos Playbar: a home theater soundbar that wirelessly streams music for $699, we go hands- (and ears) on

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Sonos Playbar a home theater soundbar that wirelessly streams music for $699, we go hands and ears on

We've long been enamored of Sonos' musical streaming technology and its wireless speakers, whether it's the S5 Play:5, the Play:3 or the Sub. But, what if you're looking for some Sonos gear that can stream your favorite MOG or Spotify playlist and deliver surround sound on movie night? Well, you're in luck, because the Playbar has arrived, packing all of Sonos' streaming capabilities you know and love in a soundbar form factor.

It's got nine speakers: six 8-centimeter (3.15-inch) aluminum cone mids powered by neodymium magnets and three 2.5-centimeter (1-inch) titanium dome tweeters. It connects to TVs, game consoles and cable boxes via Toslink cable and wires into home networks via Gigabit Ethernet or wireless connectivity can be had for those who own a Sonos Bridge. Naturally, it can be controlled by the Sonos app, but volume can also be toggled by your TV remote, thanks to the IR receivers on board and the remote codes stored on Sonos' servers.

Naturally, Playbar can deliver simulated surround sound on its own, but it can also be paired with Sonos' other speakers to deliver true 5.1 channel sound should your wallet be willing and able. Speaking of, the Playbar goes on sale worldwide on March 5th for $699, €699 or £599 depending which part of the globe you call home. We got to see (and hear) the Playbar for ourselves at Sonos HQ in Santa Barbara, California and chat with the folks who built it, so join us after the break to learn more about the company's first foray into home theater.

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