SteelSeries to unveil line of gaming headsets at E3 2013

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EMBARGO SteelSeries HSeries Headsets

Gaming accessory maker SteelSeries has a tradition ofshowcasingnew products during conventions, and the firm will uphold it by unveiling the H-Series headset line at E3 2013. First in the series is the "tournament-grade" 9H headset with Dolby technology, a USB soundcard, and padded ear cushions that feature sound isolation technology. Next is the 5Hv3 headset that boasts a retractable microphone and the same sound isolation technology the 9H has. Finally, there's the compact and foldable 3Hv2 with its own retractable mic. All three are intended for use on Macs and PCs, but they have swappable ends or adaptors for use with mobile devices. Slated to be available by fall this year, the 9H is the priciest of the trio at $159.99. If you're not quite keen on paying that much for a pair of gaming cans though, you can grab the 5Hv3 and the 3Hv2 this summer for $79.99 and $39.99, respectively.

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