The FT: Nokia planning phablet for 2013, 41 megapixel Lumia too

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Between the Lumia Tablet and a Windows Phone device with properPureView technology, the list of mythical Nokia devices is pretty short. The Financial Times, however, thinks that the company might be wading into the middle ground with a 5- or 6-inch device that'll rival the Galaxy Note. The paper's coterie of sources also reiterated the rumor that we'd see a Lumia flagship with the 41-megapixel sensor we'd seen on the 808, as well as a skinnier Lumia 920 arriving through the year. We'd love to believe it, but the story's appearance just before the company's first-quarter financial results makes us wonder if this isn't a distraction., 41 megapixel

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Source:The FT (Paywall)

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