TiVo Series 5 'Roamio Pro' and 'Roamio Plus' DVRs pop up in FCC filings

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TiVo Series 5 'Roamio Pro' and 'Roamio Plus' DVRs pop up in FCC filings

It has been more than three years since TiVo's Premiere platform launched, but it appears the company is finally readying a successor. A pair of FCC filings referring to new TGN-TCD8465 shown above) and TGN-TCD8400 (after the break) models have appeared, revealing a couple of design pictures and the shocking confirmation that they are DVRs. The TGN-TCD8400 documents apply for two different models: the TCD848000 and an TCD840300, that differs only by capacity of the disk drive, and the addition of MoCA and a transcoder that could reference built-in Stream capabilities. An earlier post on ZatzNotFunny points out a MoCA certification from June that adds the Series 5 tag, and a separate FCC listing for a new remote. It also speculates on a "Roamio" name or codename, with three new boxes on the way including one base 4-tuner box and two 6-tuner models.

The TCD8400 and TCD84030 are referred to in these documents as the Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus, respectively. We couldn't find any other details on specs or a name for the TCD8465, but with cable companies like Cox launching six tuner, 2TB DVRs and even Comcast offering more options on its X1 / X2 platform, advances in all areas (app, recording, second screen and multiroom features) are necessary to stay a step ahead.

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