UK's God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle to include game themed controller, Kratos' wrath

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DNP UK's God of War Ascension PS3 bundle to include golden bespoke controller

If PS3 gamers across the pond were envious of the garnet red console North Americans were getting as part of a God of War bundle, they can feel a little more chuffed today. According to a Sony press release, British fans will be able to score their very own God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle, which includes a sparkling "Classic White" super slim console along with a lovely gold and custom-designed controller specially made for UK-dwelling Kratos lovers. It comes with the largest HDD available, 500GB, as well as a special edition copy of God of War: Ascension that contains a steelbook case, the audio soundtrack, a double XP unlock code for multiplayer gaming, avatars and a special PS3 theme. The release below didn't reveal pricing, but Joystiq pointed out an Amazon UK search result of£249.99 ($391) for the lot. So if you're a die-hard GoW fan, or just someone who loves golden game controllers, get ready to head to the shops (or click on that cart symbol) on March 15th.

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