Wuaki.tv streaming service launches UK beta, offers many ways to pay

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Wuaki.tv streaming service launches UK beta, offers many ways to pay

Okay, we're pronouncing it "ooh-acki", because that sounds slightly more classy than "wacky", but you can call this new Rakuten-owned streaming service whatever you like. You can also choose how to pay for it, because the pricing system gives you the option of a monthly subscription for access to a "regularly-refreshed line-up" of movies and TV shows, or a per-item charge to rent or buy the latest Hollywood releases -- or you can pay both types of fee if you want it all. Having already attracted 600,000 subscribers in Spain (hence the idioma in the image above), Wuaki.tv is offering a decent introductory discount to give itself a kickstart in the UK: be among the first 75,000 to sign up during the beta phase (and do so before mid-September) and you'll get a half-price monthly fee of £2.99 for as long as you stay with the no-contract service. The downside to joining early is that, for the time being, you can only stream to a Mac or PC. Support for mobile devices, smart TVs and consoles is due to be added over the coming months, at which point the decision to sign up quickly (via the Source link below) might start to prove its worth.

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