ZBoard rolls out the San Francisco Special for the hilly city by the bay (video)

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The guys at ZBoard made quite the splash at SXSW Interactive, earlier this week -- riding an electric skateboard around the streets and conference halls of Austin will get you all sorts of attention, after all. Still, for all the love they got at the event, the startup opted to hold its latest announce until the kickoff of Expand -- for an important reason: this electric skateboard is a tribute to the hills and winding streets of the city by the bay. ZBoard's San Francisco Special ups the game for the Kickstarted company, extending the board's range to 20 highway or 14 city miles. The wheels also got an upgrade to high-traction 110mm models, while the braking system got a nice bump, as well.

Of course, with along all those improvements comes a bit more weight -- the already hefty board now clocks in at 32 pounds. Those who were hoping for a lighter weight solution akin to the Boosted Board will have to keep holding their breath -- according to the ZBoard's creators, its community said it wouldn't mind adding a few pounds to increase range, and as such, there's a four pound jump from the ZBoard Pro. But, you know, if all goes according to plan, you shouldn't be carry this thing around too much. For when you do, however, there's that padded handle.


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