Zoho Docs for desktop syncs files on your PC with the cloud, brings offline editing

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You've likely been taking advantage of Zoho's mobile apps and the service's Google Drive integration if you use its office suite. Well, now the company has also released a Zoho Docs for desktop client that syncs files saved on its cloud with a Mac, Windows or Linux computer. It also works in reverse, so files saved on your PC will sync with the cloud -- even documents edited offline, now that the feature's been added, will sync once you connect to the internet. While you can cherry-pick folders to synchronize, it's also possible to set up the client to update all your Zoho documents in all connected devices simultaneously. That includes workspaces you share with teammates, which instantly reflect the changes anyone in the group makes. We're sure faithful Google Drive users won't even bat an eyelash at this update, but those who still use Zoho Docs extensively can click the source link to download the client for free.

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