Water clock - Science experiment for young and old (With DRN reader offer)

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Water Clock RedTechnology comes in all forms. Here at DRN we are more familiar with hi-tech, state of the art gadgets, sometimes it is good to go back to basics. I came across Clocktyme, a local small business specialising in quality time pieces. They were generous enough to provide a review unit of the water powered clock to the DRN desk.

First Impressions
Whilst the water powered clock is not a branded device, the novelty lies in .. well, that it is powered by water. That's it. Just the water from your tap and nothing else.

It takes up a footprint of 8.2 x 8.8cm, the bulk of that is the water reservoir at the back.

Water Clock 5In Use
No tools, no batteries, just unscrew the cap and fill it with water. The display comes on like magic as soon as the internal chemical reaction caused by the water conducting with the 2 electrodes produces enough power for the clock to work.

How does it work? It runs off a simple galvanic cell battery, which involves the immersion of a cathode (or positive) metal such as copper, and anode (or negative) metal such as zinc in an electrolyte solution. The water is used as the conducting agent that completes the electrical circuit for the clock, although a couple of drops of lemon juice would not go astray as the electrolyte.

With such a simple formulae, you could use the clock as a small vase to add a splash of colour to the decor.

You know when it’s time to add more water as the display starts to dim or if it gets too low the display will disappear.

A clock that does not require batteries, just the occasional feed with water and a life expectancy of 3+ years. An opportunity to teach the young about chemistry, a talking piece for AUD$24.99 delivered, what more can you ask for? Colour! The water clock is available in blue, grey, green and red.

For our loyal DRN readers, Clocktyme has kindly offered the following discount codes valid until 30 September 2020. This is a great time to support a local business, perhaps buy a gift for Christmas?

Use code "DRN20" and you will receive a 20% discount on water clocks with free delivery within Australia. Limit of 2 per customer.

Use code "DRN" for a 10% discount site wide when you spend over AUD$50, with free delivery within Australia and a water clock as a free gift. Add AUD$20 for shipping to the rest of the world.

Size: 8.2 x 8.8 cm
Weight: 80g
Life: 3 years or more
Product features: Time, Calendar, Stopwatch


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