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Jabra Cruiser Review -- First in Australia?

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Upcoming Reviews

Read more: Jabra Cruiser Review -- First in Australia?With a bit of luck we might have the pleasure of reviewing another bluetooth speakerphone for your listening pleasure...

Indeed, not just for phone conversations but also glorious stereo music via the built-in FM transmitter on the Jabra Cruiser.

Can it do this job where so many other devices have failed?

Stay tuned -- literally -- for this review!

Cornea 42" / 107 Cm FULL HD LCD TV & HD Digital Tuner & LG Panel

Written by Z-NetWORKS on . Posted in Upcoming Reviews

Read more: Cornea 42With this product being supplied by corneatech.com.au, not only are we going to review the product but we are going to also interrogate the Managing Director, and produce an in depth Editorial on just how hard it is to set up an online store and break into the internet field.

B&D Rolling Door Opener

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Upcoming Reviews

Read more: B&D Rolling Door OpenerAlready agreed to supply we have a roller door (roll-a-door) opener coming from www.bnd.com.au but we're not sure yet just which one. Is it to be a review on a new product launch or a review of one of their already well established and proven Diamond series?
We’re not sure but one thing is for certain, we will be fitting, adjusting and evaluating performance ourselves, with all “wo to go” activities and comments relayed to our readers.

Reviewer's newsflash - It's a B&D Controll-A-Door Diamond - Power Drive arriving in the second week of January 2010!


UPDATE: Review has just been published!

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