DIY Kyoto Wattson: Energy Monitoring made Elementary

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: DIY Kyoto Wattson:  Energy Monitoring made ElementaryWatts in a name?  Well, that must have something to do with electricity, doesn't it? 

It's pretty elementary as Sherlock Holmes would say to his inquisitive offsider, Watson.


I love the name that DIY Kyoto has given to this energy monitoring device. 

Do It Yourself Kyoto is also pretty indicative of the type of company behind this. 

So let's see what the Wattson is capable of telling us apart from all the pretty colours and numbers.


Seagate Show: FreeAgent and Maxtor Drives – A Quick Overview

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Storage

Read more: Seagate Show: FreeAgent and Maxtor Drives – A Quick OverviewA slew of Seagate drives landed on our desk the other day in the middle of what seems like the hard drive hunting season: after the initial flurry of excitement about increased SSD capacities it looks like hard drives are back in the limelight with new capabilities.



We will be doing in-depth reviews on a number of them such as the Drobo robotic storage system, the Rebit and hopefully also the Seagate BlackArmor.



For now, let's have a very quick look at what else Seagate offers:


Popcorn Hour A-100 Network Media Tank Review

Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Video

Read more: Popcorn Hour A-100 Network Media Tank ReviewIn creating the original Xbox, Microsoft unwittingly helped create the single most affordable and feature packed media player of the Standard Definition age. The free open source Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) software - when coupled with a modified Xbox - sets the standard for home theatre playback.

Is the Popcorn Hour A-100 the new High Definition equivalent?

Swann Communications Digital Private Eye - Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Swann Communications Digital Private Eye - ReviewedThe need for security – often in the form of covert surveillance – is rapidly increasing in our modern world.

Our homes and businesses follow the trend set by governments and law enforcement agencies.

I was looking around for an unobtrusive recording device that would have motion activation and take reasonable good pictures at set intervals.
I think I've found exactly that when I came across the Swann Communications Digital Private Eye. And as a bonus it also functions as a webcam.
Let's see what it is all about.


Qstarz GPS Travel Recorder: BT-Q1000 Platinum - Reviewed

Written by William Cheong on . Posted in Navigation

Read more: Qstarz GPS Travel Recorder: BT-Q1000 Platinum - ReviewedQstarz has launched an upgraded GPS Travel Recorder, BT-Q1000Platinum.

The BT-Q1000Platinum is the successor to BT-Q1000 and comes with both hardware and software upgrades.

With the kind help from the guys at Qstarz , DigitalReviews Network brings you a review of the BT-Q1000Platinum.

Belgium, the Movie - a Short Review

Written by Ashleigh on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Belgium, the Movie - a Short ReviewIf there is one thing that fascinates me it's flying low and slow and taking in the scenery below. 

I am lucky that I can do that in the course of my work as an aerial photographer but there are plenty of places that I haven't been to and love to see from an aerial perspective. 

Belgium is not one of those places.  I have flown over this small country many times when living in Holland but it is one thing to just fly over it in the course of your work than to be able to sit back in your lounge chair, to relax and let the whole scenery unfold before you on a high-definition screen.  It is the same difference as cooking your own meal or going to a top-notch restaurant for a gourmet dinner.
Belgium, the Movie, subtitled Enjoy Your Flight over Belgium, is such a gastronomic delight, so to speak.  It portrays Belgium as few tourists (or Belgians!) will ever experience it: flying through Brussels, following the grand boulevards in your helicopter -- not all that much higher than treetop level...

Powermonkey eXplorer Portable Charger - Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Powermonkey eXplorer Portable Charger - ReviewedBeing no stranger to gadgets, travelling and with an almost obsessive desire to pack lightly, I am constantly on the look out for the next best thing to help reduce my gear charging burden when on the move. 

Is the powermonkey eXplorer the answer to my recharging needs? 


Let's swing into the review and have a look. 


Ruvo Avox A65U1 UMPC - The Unboxing Review

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in PC Hardware

Read more: Ruvo Avox A65U1 UMPC - The Unboxing Review

The vibrant world of UMPCs has many players, most of them well-known brands, others less so, but probably deserving our attention just the same.  In this category you will find the Ruvo Avox, a handsome slider UMPC.  Think of it as a Nokia N95 on steroids, but then a lot bigger!  The Avox, whilst practically unknown, has a more familiar incarnation as the Gigabyte U60.  Are they exactly the same? 

We got ourselves the first Avox in Australia, courtesy of Tegatech, the UMPC distributor par excellence down under.  They are excited about that little critter and I am beginning to see why! 

Please follow me on this unboxing and our subsequent in-depth reviews of the Ruvo Avox.

First off, the Avox is billed as the smallest full-featured PC.  In this fluid world of sub-notebooks and UMPCs that claim is probably correct but bragging rights are never long-lived and it is better to judge a device, particularly when it is this small, by its usability.  So that will be the main focus of this and the following reviews. 

Today we will be looking at the Avox from the unboxing perspective and go into the hardware details. 

A next review will highlight the software and performance aspects to be followed by a write-up of all the various accessories that can be bought separately.

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