Logitech Harmony 1000i Universal Remote

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Read more: Logitech Harmony 1000i Universal RemoteThe universal gripe about remote controls is that there are too many of them in the average household and they are too complicated to use.  We want one device to control all the others.
Is that a pipe dream?  Hardly.  Universal controls have been around for quite some time with Logitech one of the key players in this field.  Now they’ve brought out the ultimate control device: the Harmony 1000i Universal Remote.  Capable of subduing every household and entertainment device within 10 yards!  But how did I fare in subduing the Harmony?  Well, that’s an entirely different story...


The Tornado: PC to PC Data Transfer Device

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories

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 Every once in awhile a gadget lands on your desk and hangs around, kicking up a storm. 

The aptly named The Tornado (but not for its destructive capabilities!), is an incredibly useful device for transferring data from one PC to the other. 

We have just finished a big Vista migration in which this device played a major role.  

Let me show you how life in the fast lane has now become a lot easier with hurricane-like transfer speeds and a pretty (inter)face.


Coby MP-C951 MP3 Player

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When talking about MP3 Players, I usually put them into different categories typically based on their storage capacity.  The 1-2GB MP3 players are usually simple and nature and are meant to be on the go and be able to listen to a few songs here and there.  the 4-8GB MP3 players can store quite a bit more songs.  And the last categories are the ones that are 20GB and above that can pretty much handle your entire music collection.  These MP3 players vary in functionality.  Typically, the larger the capacity of the MP3 player, the more likely it is to have features such as viewing pictures or even videos.  The smaller capacity MP3 players are more for basic music playing and will be lucky to find a FM Tuner or voice recording capabilities.  The whole point is that MP3 players come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  It is best to determine what your needs are before looking at what is available in the market.  Are you the type of person who just wants to be able to listen to a few songs on your free time or do you want to be able to carry your entire music collection and be able to listen to your music all the time?


Newton Peripherals MoGo Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

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Read more: Newton Peripherals MoGo Bluetooth Notebook MouseIt seems such a great contrast: not too long ago we reviewed one of the more sophisticated mice, the Logitech MX.  Today we look a very simple mouse: the MoGo Bluetooth Notebook Mouse from Newton Peripherals.  It may look simple but it is every bit as sophisticated and an extremely handy tool for laptop users.  The MoGo slots right into the PC card space which is normally empty on most notebooks.  That’s where it hides unobtrusively and where it gets charged.  How well does such a flat device work on a day-to-day basis?


SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 2GB USB Flash Drive - Reviewed

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Read more: SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 2GB USB Flash Drive - ReviewedEver since the U3 platform came out I have been interested in putting it to the test.In brief, a U3 USB stick will allow you to take applications with you so that you can access your most important documents
and e-mail from someone else's computer without leaving a trace. The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB flash drive is arguably the best one on the market and we'll show you why.

We will also talk about U3 applications. 

1 GB USB Flash Card from Brando - Reviewed

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Read more: 1 GB USB Flash Card from Brando - ReviewedThese days you pick your flash memory not only according to the capacity you want, but also the form factor is important and even how it looks.

An interesting form factor is the one that looks like a credit card, only a tad thicker.2010-01-1

The clever thing about this one is that the USB connector is totally flush with the card and makes for a compact unit.

Brando is marketing these 1 GB cards in a variety of prints.  This includes even a picture of the Mona Lisa!

Have a look at what this is all about.


Qstarz BT-Q810 GPS Receiver - Reviewed

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Read more: Qstarz BT-Q810 GPS Receiver - Reviewed


Great Battery Life and Super Sensitive



When Sean Lin of QSTARZ INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. wrote to us to introduce his company and their line of MTK-based 32 Channel GPS receivers, we were kind of blasé about having to test yet another Bluetooth GPS receiver.
However, the Qstarz BT-Q810 was about as small a GPS receiver as I have ever seen and promised an astonishing 25 hours of autonomy.
Could this little number be as good as the best SiRFstarIII unit out there?

Dialogue ultra-portable Flybook – Part II

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Dialogue ultra-portable Flybook – Part III've spent about 3 months with arguably the best-connected ultra-portable notebook in the world, most of that time on the road and all of the time the Flybook being the only computer I worked with. How did that go? Have my enthusiastic first impressions (see our July 21 review) mellowed or did I discover the Flybook is for keeps? Follow me as I put my traveling companion to work.


Logitech RumblePad 2

Written by Ronald on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Logitech RumblePad 2As an avid gamer for many years now, I have witnessed and played with all kinds of controllers for the PC as well as different consoles.  I continue to use one of my favorite game pads, Microsoft's SideWinder, which I bought many years ago.  This game pad still serves me well in today's games such as Need For Speed Underground as well as classic emulated arcade games.  To this day, I still am slightly disappointed with many of the game pads out in the market today.  They simply fail because they don't have enough features or most important of all, they fail functionally.  For instance, this includes having the right number of buttons as well as where they are placed.  A very important concept to a consumer is the durability of the controller.  I have seen the directional pad of many controllers break or wear out over a period of time.  In addition, I even saw some controllers whose directional pads or buttons simply didn't work well. Today, I will be reviewing Logitech's RumblePad 2.  This game pad has extra features that will appeal to most consumers.  It has built-in vibration for games and it is cordless as well.  These features are great and all, but does this game pad pass the test when it comes to basic functionality and design?

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