WiebeTech Drive eRazer - Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: WiebeTech Drive eRazer - ReviewedWhen you delete a file from your computer, is it really gone?  Information theft is getting more coverage in mainstream media in recent times, most of us would be aware of potential loss of personal information if you lose a mobile device such as a notebook, iPod or mobile phone.


Or imagine this scenario.  You have just bought a state of the art new computer. All your data has been copied over to the new machine and deleted from the old machine.  You then sell it to another party for a tidy sum and it is the end of that story.  Or is it?


Thoroughly erasing data beyond recovery on a hard disk is a time and resource consuming task.  It is one that is not performed as often as necessary given the number of stories you read in which deleted personal data has been retrieved from hard disks.  The WiebeTech Drive eRazer (Drive eRazer) is a dedicated piece of hardware that can clean a hard disk to US Department of Defence standard (non-classified data) without the need for a host machine.


Brando USB to SATA/IDE Cable -- Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Brando USB to SATA/IDE Cable -- ReviewedBrando’s USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE cable allows concurrent connections with SATA or IDE devices over the USB port and I thought it was sheer cabling genius.  The SATA/IDE cable was released recently and Brando has kindly provided a unit for this review. 

Wireless Computing RF-220 Keyboard Reviewed

Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Accessories

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In my experience, keyboards are probably the most overlooked piece of essential computing equipment.  For years I have been putting together computers and for years I have purchased keyboards on the cheap.  After all, a good video card is more important than a decent set of keys to bash, isn't it?


Wireless Computing's RF-220 Wireless Keyboard begs to differ.

Joby GorillaPod: Going Ape Over a Tripod

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Read more: Joby GorillaPod: Going Ape Over a Tripod There's a pleasure that may be had from the simple act of placing a gadget on a table and watching someone's brain kick into gear as they realise what its purpose is.  The Joby “Original” Gorillapod garners the lion share of attention as I parade it past a few photography aficionados.  There are plenty of bragging rights to this gadget.


The Gorillapod is a camera tripod with a “twist”  - literally!  Lots of twists in fact.  Instead of straight barrel legs, each leg is composed of 9 articulated ball joints, each capable of bending ~45° and rotating 360° to provide unprecedented flexibility and support for taking the perfect photo.


Despite the "pod" suffix, the Gorillapod bears no relation to products from that "fruit company" based in Cupertino.  Even before I attach it to my camera, I am already thinking back to the numerous trips I have made and wishing I had had this in my gear pack.

Nicole Miller Cases from Prima - Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Nicole Miller Cases from Prima - Reviewed
Today I’m interviewing two female staff members who were the happy recipients of a couple of Nicole Miller fashion accessories, crafted by Prima Cases.
Having reviewed numerous luxury leather cases over the years you tend to become a little bit blasé about these things but I knew Prima were on to something special when I observed the ladies’ reaction at the unboxing. 

The Where did you get that?  reactions from their girlfriends also affirmed here was something out of the ordinary in our fashion conscious society.

Logitech Harmony 1000i Universal Remote

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Logitech Harmony 1000i Universal RemoteThe universal gripe about remote controls is that there are too many of them in the average household and they are too complicated to use.  We want one device to control all the others.
Is that a pipe dream?  Hardly.  Universal controls have been around for quite some time with Logitech one of the key players in this field.  Now they’ve brought out the ultimate control device: the Harmony 1000i Universal Remote.  Capable of subduing every household and entertainment device within 10 yards!  But how did I fare in subduing the Harmony?  Well, that’s an entirely different story...


The Tornado: PC to PC Data Transfer Device

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Accessories

 Read more: The Tornado: PC to PC Data Transfer Device

 Every once in awhile a gadget lands on your desk and hangs around, kicking up a storm. 

The aptly named The Tornado (but not for its destructive capabilities!), is an incredibly useful device for transferring data from one PC to the other. 

We have just finished a big Vista migration in which this device played a major role.  

Let me show you how life in the fast lane has now become a lot easier with hurricane-like transfer speeds and a pretty (inter)face.


Coby MP-C951 MP3 Player

Written by Richard on . Posted in Accessories

Read more: Coby MP-C951 MP3 Player

When talking about MP3 Players, I usually put them into different categories typically based on their storage capacity.  The 1-2GB MP3 players are usually simple and nature and are meant to be on the go and be able to listen to a few songs here and there.  the 4-8GB MP3 players can store quite a bit more songs.  And the last categories are the ones that are 20GB and above that can pretty much handle your entire music collection.  These MP3 players vary in functionality.  Typically, the larger the capacity of the MP3 player, the more likely it is to have features such as viewing pictures or even videos.  The smaller capacity MP3 players are more for basic music playing and will be lucky to find a FM Tuner or voice recording capabilities.  The whole point is that MP3 players come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  It is best to determine what your needs are before looking at what is available in the market.  Are you the type of person who just wants to be able to listen to a few songs on your free time or do you want to be able to carry your entire music collection and be able to listen to your music all the time?


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