Jura Impressa Z7 Automatic Coffee Machine - Reviewed

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Jura Impressa Z7 Automatic Coffee Machine - ReviewedThe long awaited Jura Impressa Z7 coffee machine has arrived at our doorstep, courtesy of

You may remember that we reviewed the Jura Impressa Z5 on this site and we were “over the moon” with its functions and capabilities. 

But we did pick it up on a couple of things, so let’s see what the manufacturers have done in the new Z7 model. Have they managed to make an almost perfect machine perfect?

So stay with us over 20 or so coffees and see what it can do. 

Bamix Gastro 200 Wand Mixer - Reviewed

Written by Kerrie Baker on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Bamix Gastro 200 Wand Mixer - Reviewed

I purchased my first Swiss made Bamix wand when I was setting up house in 1981, although they had been manufactured in Switzerland since 1954.  At the time, Bamix was a very new concept in Western Australia and every houseproud homemaker simply “had to have one”. It has served me faithfully throughout the past 29 years, without any malfunctions or problems, so I was thrilled when offered me the opportunity to review the current Bamix Gastro 200.

My first impression has left me even more amazed than I already was.  My old Bamix is only 100 W in power, whereas the new Gastro 200 is 240 W – more than twice as powerful!   The Gastro 200 is also built with a 4.5 centimetres longer immersion section of the wand, allowing for improved liquidising to be conducted in deeper mixes. 

Jura Impressa Z5 Automatic Coffee Machine - Reviewed

Written by Joe Baker on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Jura Impressa Z5 Automatic Coffee Machine - Reviewed

The reviewer was astounded at just how much you could tailor the Jura Z5 Generation 11 Automatic Coffee machine to suit your needs.  Pretty much any weird tastes in coffee can be saved to a button and one press after that always gets you what you want with either 1 or 2 cups. 

The reviewer?  Yep that’s me! 

The Jura Z5 arrived on 15 January 2010 and we have been putting it through some of its many features.  So far our initial assessment comment has been little short of astounding.  Our intention is to check features that may be controversial or complicated and on how well they operate.  We will also take into consideration any comments, whether they be positive, negative or otherwise that we have read previously on this machine and either dispel or endorse pros and cons alike. 

 In the first day we went though 8 litres of milk testing the Cappuccino side and still had many more programmable features and coffee specialities to go.(latte macchiato, ristretti, expressi, or cafés crème coffees)

Breville BBM600 Bread-Maker - Reviewed

Written by Kerrie Baker on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Breville BBM600 Bread-Maker - Reviewed

Making bread with an electric bread-maker sounds easy, but when it comes to making gluten free bread I can assure you that it is a totally different world and anyone in that world would appreciate the difficulties experienced.  Since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease some two years ago, I have tried numerous gluten free bread recipes, mostly with little success.

My old electric bread-maker claimed to be able to make gluten free bread, but after dozens of hard, solid little “bricks” being produced, I totally gave up on using the bread-maker and reverted to the conventional oven baked method.  However, after using the latest Breville ikon Baker’s Oven BBM600 Bread-maker for the very first time, I have been converted into believing that technology really can vary immensely.  My first loaf was a delight.

Astone Media Gear AP-100 -Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Astone Media Gear AP-100 -ReviewedThere have been plenty of recent developments on the Network Media Tanks (NMT) front.  The latest offering to land at DigitalReviews is the Astone Media Gear AP-100.  Has the Astone AP-100 got what it takes to snatch the crown from the current leader of the pack reviewed here, the iBox Z400W?  Thanks to Achieva Technology Australia for making a unit available for road testing.

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