Breville BBM600 Bread-Maker - Reviewed

Written by Kerrie Baker on . Posted in Appliances

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Making bread with an electric bread-maker sounds easy, but when it comes to making gluten free bread I can assure you that it is a totally different world and anyone in that world would appreciate the difficulties experienced.  Since being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease some two years ago, I have tried numerous gluten free bread recipes, mostly with little success.

My old electric bread-maker claimed to be able to make gluten free bread, but after dozens of hard, solid little “bricks” being produced, I totally gave up on using the bread-maker and reverted to the conventional oven baked method.  However, after using the latest Breville ikon Baker’s Oven BBM600 Bread-maker for the very first time, I have been converted into believing that technology really can vary immensely.  My first loaf was a delight.

Astone Media Gear AP-100 -Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Appliances

Read more: Astone Media Gear AP-100 -ReviewedThere have been plenty of recent developments on the Network Media Tanks (NMT) front.  The latest offering to land at DigitalReviews is the Astone Media Gear AP-100.  Has the Astone AP-100 got what it takes to snatch the crown from the current leader of the pack reviewed here, the iBox Z400W?  Thanks to Achieva Technology Australia for making a unit available for road testing.
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