MEElectronics M31 and RX11 Earphones - Reviewed

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Read more: MEElectronics M31 and RX11 Earphones - ReviewedThere are many options available when it comes to earphones. We can expect to easily find some available from the big brand names, but there also seem to be quite a few offerings from smaller companies as well. It seems like many of the big brand name earphones are more focused on their higher end models, leaving their ‘budget’ products somewhat neglected and end up being mediocre at best.

Today, we will be reviewing two products from a ‘smaller’ company called MEElectronics. You may or may not have heard of the company, but their portfolio of earphones range from $11.99 to $89.99 with the majority being somewhere in the middle. With their diverse product line that is affordable and seems to raise the bar for ‘budget’ earphones, they are definitely a company to consider when buying your next pair of earphones. Today, we will be reviewing two earphones from MEElectronics, the M31 and RX11.

AKAI AD173X HD Set-Top Box with DVD Player -- Reviewed

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Read more: AKAI AD173X HD Set-Top Box with DVD Player -- ReviewedThis is the second AKAI set-top box that we are reviewing. This is a big brother to the earlier model we reviewed here. Please have a quick read of that review as a lot of aspects of the new model are the same.

These are the highlights of the AKAI AD173X:
As a PVR it allows you to record your favourite TV show directly to a USB storage device. It can also act as a media centre playback unit. It’s 5.1 digital compatible via HDMI and coaxial and basically allows you to timeshare, pause and rewind live TV. Yes, and it has a DVD player built in.
These are all good reasons to have a good look and play with this full HD set-top box.

Arctic Sound S111 Notebook Speakers – Mini Review

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Read more: Arctic Sound S111 Notebook Speakers – Mini Review We’ve just reviewed a decent set of USB speakers and these types of external speakers are generally quite all right compared to what’s built into your laptop and certainly compared with the tiny one in your phone. And every time, it never fails to amaze me how much difference they do make. So it is with this diminutive set of speaker cubes from the well-known Arctic brand, the Sound S111. Unpack, plug in, enjoy!

It’s that simple or do you want to know more?

Akai Micro Hi-Fi System with iPod Dock and MP3 - Reviewed

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Read more: Akai Micro Hi-Fi System with iPod Dock and MP3 - ReviewedMost of the time the team here at DigitalReviews get to write about the latest and greatest gadgets and equipment. We even have a scoop or two every once in awhile but today we are reviewing a sound system from Akai that has been on the market for over a year and a half. Why? Funnily enough things don't change all that much in the audio and sound world when it comes to Hi-Fi systems. The Micro Music System we are writing about now has all that you need in a modern system: an iPod dock, MP3 capabilities through USB and card reader as well as all the other standard things like CD player, FM and AM tuner, alarm clock and remote control. So let's turn up the volume and let's see what this particular model is made of.

Ravon U222 USB Speakers – Reviewed

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Read more: Ravon U222 USB Speakers – ReviewedOur latest test platform is an ASUS laptop with an Intel core i7 CPU and, for the purposes of this review, an internal Altec Lansing SRS premium sound system. That's a pretty decent set of speakers for a medium to large laptop. And I've been pretty pleased with the results until...the folks at Audion sent me the latest USB speakers from Ravon! I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of speaker output on note- or netbooks. In particular my previous ASUS VJ1 business notebook suffered from lack of oompf in that department. You could not enjoy audio without some headphones! So as my current computer provides a good improvement for listening. I might not have looked for even more improvement but, like I said, the importer for Ravon insisted we review these slim USB speakers. So how did we fare?

Krix Tryptix Speakers - Reviewed

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Read more: Krix Tryptix Speakers - Reviewed

The four large boxes arrived and I proceeded to expose the contents - two Krix Tryptix speakers with stands, courtesy of  I always take it as a positive sign when I find something that arrives at my front door and it’s packed well.  It’s always an indication that the people care about their product.

So read on to see if the packaging was a good premonition about the quality of the product!


Jabra Halo Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Reviewed

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Read more: Jabra Halo Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Reviewed
I don't know how much designers are paid these days but Jabra could not pay the guy who designed the Halo enough for having done a sterling job on this stereo Bluetooth headset!  Seldom have I seen a product where form and function so harmoniously work together to present a very pleasing product.

Excitement builds as I unbox the Jabra Halo.  With our previous experiences in this department we are a little bit anxious: how good is the quality of the sound and how well does its Bluetooth connection function beyond a couple of metres? Let's find out!

AudioEngine AW1 Wireless Adapter - Reviewed

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Read more: AudioEngine AW1 Wireless Adapter - ReviewedIf you are looking to ‘cut’ the wires and listen to music wirelessly while not sacrificing audio quality, then have a look at the Audioengine AW1.  This product seemingly is a simple out-of-the-box solution that is easy to setup up while maintaining the high sound standards of the Audioengine brand name.

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