Zaon MRX Portable Collision Avoidance System - Reviewed

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Read more: Zaon MRX Portable Collision Avoidance System - ReviewedThe following article was recently published in the Australian AVIATOR magazine (December 2008)

It's a summary of our previously published series of reviews on PCAS units here on DigitalReviews.net and updated with the latest developments.

Yes, you may only relate to this if you're interested in safety in the skies, whether as a pilot or passenger....

Tom Horn’s Nephilim STARGATES - Reviewed

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Read more: Tom Horn’s Nephilim STARGATES - ReviewedLast year we reviewed a challenging book, called The Nephilim Imperatives and particularly since that book I started to read widely on the UFO phenomena, transgenics and the rather disturbing history that is about to be repeated again.
Anomalos Publishing just sent me a pile of books and Audio CDs on this genre over 5 inches high!
Some of the exciting titles: The Ahriman Gate, The Omega Conspiracy, PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE and CONSPIRACY THEORY.
Also part of this pack are the books Alien Intrusion and The Gospel According to Science Fiction.

I’ve bitten off the first half an inch in reading Tom Horn’s Nephilim STARGATES – The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers.
Tom is arguably the best-known author on this very topical subject and his latest tome strongly suggests the world is about to enter into unheard-of upheavals soon.

Tegatech Clean Screen Mini Review

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Read more: Tegatech Clean Screen Mini ReviewDon't you just love those fingerprint magnets? Gadgets that come with glossy piano-black  exteriors and get smudged every time you even look at them...
Take my HTC Touch Diamond. The name even implies it wants to be touched, yet my DNA evidence is all over that magnificent screen!
Our friends at Tegatech, purveyors of all gadget-goodness that have screens on them, faced the same problem -- until they came across a product that is simply called Clean Screen and so they bought the company.
That's probably not true but they were so enamoured with the results that they wanted us to try it too...
Here's what happened.

Brando USB Spy Pen - Covert Review

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Read more: Brando USB Spy Pen - Covert ReviewBrando’s USB Spy Pocket Audio/Video Recorder Pen is very cunning. As the name suggests, it looks - and in fact is - a pen. But as its name also suggests, this pen is a covert audio and video recorder.

Read on for that James Bond feeling.

Shark Shields Freedom7 and SURF - Reviewed

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Read more: Shark Shields Freedom7 and SURF - ReviewedArticle by our specialist reviewer Joe Baker:

Let me start off by saying that if you had one of these, then the film “Jaws” probably couldn’t have been made.  It is the second generation Shark Shield extraordinaire, with a claimed shark exclusion zone of 6-8 metres diameter.

Do they work you say, well I should say YES with a big smile on my face as I borrowed a FREEDOM7 Shark Shield and went shooting fish at Cosy Corner near Albany Western Australia, only to be told later by my buddy, that half way through the dive and in the midst off stuffing a big “Queenie” in the catch bag, that a big white and grey shark had streaked down toward me,  “It got to within 5-6 metres of you, then gave an immense shiver, veered then departed as quickly as it came”. he said. (More about the White Pointer later.)

Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac - Reviewed

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Read more: Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac - ReviewedWith Apple's sales figures continuing to grow, more and more products are being marketed directly at the think different crowd.

Joining the fray are Targus who have released a whole line of for Mac products.

And for the past month, the Bluetooth Laser Mouse from this collection just happens to have been paired to my shiny new MacBook Pro.


Read on for my review.

The Digital Reading Revolution

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Read more: The Digital Reading RevolutionEver since the advent of the laptop and the first portable media devices, being able to access information on the run has been a hot topic in the world of consumer technology.

Today, the battle rages on, but a new front has opened up; the possibility of bringing an entire library wherever you go. Read on to learn about the future of your reading experiences.

Vying for the top spot of who gets to back this important dimension of media consumption and dictating how it’s going to be done seem to be Fujitsu, Sony, Amazon, and newcomer iRex Technologies, among others. Also entering the arena is technology giant, Apple. The latest products they bring to the field are the ST5112 slate tablet PC, the Sony Reader, the Kindle, the iLiad, and the iPod Touch or iPhone 2.0, respectively, and each is a unique stab at quenching the varying thirsts of consumers.

Winplus Home Automation Ultimate Starter and Security Kits - Reviewed

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Read more:  Winplus Home Automation Ultimate Starter and Security Kits - Reviewed
I am all for home automation but I draw the line at the suggestion it enables us to wake up in the morning with a pot of coffee freshly brewed all while still fast asleep!  For some that might be the nearest thing to heaven but there are more useful things to automate in my opinion.  For starters, the ability to control or dim certain lights is a good idea.  Or to switch on otherwise inaccessible devices around the house.  And certainly the ability to simplify the control of home entertainment devices.


Let's have a look at the Winplus Home Automation and the Ultimate Starter Kit which lets you do all that.

We will also have a quick look at the capabilities of the Security Kit which ties into many of the functions as well in addition to being a full-fledged security system.

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