The Nephilim Imperatives - Book Review

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: The Nephilim Imperatives - Book ReviewHave you ever wondered what's behind UFOs?  Or about such sightings as Bigfoot or Yetis?

Does Area 51 pique your interest?


The other week a most unusual book landed on my desk called The Nephilim Imperatives, by Terry James.

This book purports to give a reason behind these sightings and it comes from a perspective that you may not have expected.


It gives credence to the existence of UFO phenomena and is an interesting read.

Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router Review

Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router ReviewLet's not pretend otherwise: Routers are normally pretty boring devices. The best routers tend to quietly do their job in anonymity amongst the Rat king of cables hidden away from view.

If you do happen to intentionally glance at your router, it usually coincides with the words, Why are you not working? Expletives optional.

The Belkin N1 Vision takes this truth and attempts to turns it on its head. Here is a router that wants to be looked at.

Read on to find out why..


Eaton Powerware 5110 and 3105 UPS Reviewed

Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Eaton Powerware 5110 and 3105 UPS ReviewedAs our digital lives increase in importance and volume, so too does the risk - and cost - of losing the data that makes it all possible.


While keeping up to date back-ups and storing your data in RAIDs is a good start, it all means nothing without an adequate supply of power - Especially during a power outage when critical equipment needs to be shutdown to avoid data loss.


Eaton's range of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) aim to provide this power and with it, peace of mind.

Read on for our review..


SLEEPTRACKER Pro Watch Reviewed

Written by Paul Moons on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: SLEEPTRACKER Pro Watch ReviewedThe SLEEPTRACKER Pro is the latest iteration of Innovative Sleep Solutions' SLEEPTRACKER watch.

The SLEEPTRACKER series of watches monitor your sleeping patterns through the night so that they may wake you during one of your natural, "almost awake moments" in your sleep cycle.

Some of our readers may remember that a few years ago intrepid sleeper, Martin Regtien reviewed the original SLEEPTRACKER.

With the launch of the new SLEEPTRACKER Pro however, the baton has been passed on to me - and quite rightly so: Sleeping is what I do best.


Read on for the full review..

Tool Logic SL Survival Knife --Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Tool Logic SL Survival Knife --ReviewedNot long ago Digital Reviews Network took some time out from playing with technology to check out some gadgets for the great outdoors. 

With many thanks to Tool Logic, we can now bring you a review of the Tool Logic SL Series.


iStraw: 1300 Bottles Drinking Water from a Straw

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: iStraw: 1300 Bottles Drinking Water from a Straw

 One of the greatest needs for any human being is access to good drinking water. Without clean water a host of waterborne diseases can quickly ruin one’s day if not one’s life.

Here’s an Australian solution which addresses the problem of contaminated water, particularly for travellers. This Water Filter Drinking Straw is like taking some 1300 bottles of clean drinking water with you on your journeys.

Without the weight and the cost of them.


And there’s another, huge, side benefit to the iStraw as well. Here’s how it works.


aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - Reviewed 

Waking up is an ordeal and a challenge for most people. Being woken up before your body is ready can be a real trauma, particularly when using alarm clocks.  There must be a better way…

My choice?  A soft kiss on the forehead from my wife or a gentle reminder from the aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. Well, that's not really a choice, eh, but the aXbo has the advantage of knowing when it is the best time for my body to wake up.

This is how it works.


FlashPhone F2K from MPLAT

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: FlashPhone F2K from MPLAT

Let’s face it: free calls are attractive.

Free long distance and international calls are very attractive.

And free and easy communications is the ultimate.

That’s where MPLAT’s FlashPhone shines: it’s a USB device that’s uses programs like Skype or Google Talk to make calls over the Internet. Even if you’re not on your own computer.

How easy is the FlashPhone to use and how clear are the conversations?

Let’s explore a Telco’s worst nightmare: free calls for everyone…

Samsung 910MP LCD Display

Written by Ronald on . Posted in Miscellaneous

Read more: Samsung 910MP LCD DisplayLCD displays for the computer have come to the point where they are more affordable and are starting to become more common.  Computer manufacturers now provide consumers with the option of choosing a CRT monitor or upgrading to an LCD display.  When comparing LCD displays with CRT monitors, each have their unique features that tend to a user's preference.  LCD displays are much thinner, lighter, and definitely more portable than a CRT monitor.  CRT monitors on the other hand are much heavier, but are much cheaper.



Today, I will be reviewing the Samsung 910MP.  Unlike most other LCD monitors, this is a multifunction monitor.  Other than solely being an LCD monitor, this monitor has TV tuning capabilities so you can watch TV on it also without the need of an extra internal or external card or device.  The 910MP manages to have the same Samsung LCD quality while providing the versatility of watching TV on the same monitor while saving overall desk space.  Couple this with an 8ms pixel response time and you've got a fully-featured LCD monitor that can do gaming as well.
The LCD monitor came in an expected cardboard box with a handle.  When opening the box on the side, everything was neatly packaged and well protected by the large layers of foam.  The LCD layer lies in between the two foam layers.  The included extra items are packaged on the sides of the box.

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