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Accessories for the HTC HD2 – Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Part I: Proporta Alu-Leather Case

Read more: Accessories for the HTC HD2 – ReviewedUnquestionably the HD2 is the most glorious phone I've owned so far. Not the best when it comes to reception on Telstra's NextG network but for all other purposes just about ideal.

So, the next logical step it to accessorise it with some basic stuff and, courtesy of our UK friends at Proporta and Clove Technology, we hope to bring you the following accessories: two different cases to protect the HD2, a capacitive stylus and a charging cradle for your desk. We'll do these mini-reviews in a few instalments as not all the items were available at the same time.

First up the Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case (HTC HD2).

Tegatech TEGA TTP10 3G Touch Tablet PC – Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Tegatech TEGA TTP10 3G Touch Tablet PC – ReviewedMove over iPad! Sitting on our test bench is Australia's latest Tablet PC, a beautiful 10 incher from the House of Tegatech.

You may know Tegatech as the key distributor and seller of UMPCs and ruggedised tablet PCs to list a few of their niche products. And you may know them from previous reviews we've done, like the MediSlate and the Ruvo Avox. This time Tegatech has used their expertise to develop their own device. It is a 10.2" Tablet PC with built-in 3G modem and they are calling it TEGA. They worked with the Chinese manufacturer K.R.T. to develop an Australianised Tablet PC by adapting firmware and the touchscreen to suit our climate. As we mentioned in our Upcoming Reviews highlight: we quickly came to the conclusion that this is a very handsome and handy device with plenty of potential uses. So here's a more in-depth take on this tablet and let's see how our findings panned out over the last few weeks.

Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone -- Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone -- Reviewed Having a Bluetooth speaker phone these days is almost essential if you want to comply with the laws that prohibit you holding a hand-held phone while driving.  And fortunately, there is plenty of choice on the market.  Today we are reviewing the Jabra SP200 speakerphone which is a rather basic unit, simple to use and inexpensive.  For most people an ideal choice.  So let's check out the features, the sound quality and ease of use.

Resco Suites - Reviewed

Written by Sue Bennett on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Resco Suites - ReviewedAlways on the lookout for utilities and fun stuff for my Pocket PC, I turned to Resco and was given the opportunity to check out some great software.  Resco is a Microsoft Certified Partner thus allowing them to produce software that not only compliments your phone but makes it an extension of your day to day living.  With a swag of awards, and a reputation for being an industry leader Resco doesn’t disappoint with its new releases.

So I started by installing the Utility Package...

HTC Touch Cruise - Reviewed

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: HTC Touch Cruise - ReviewedOne of the most prolific makers of smartphones and PDAs, HTC, has been bringing out a slew of devices onto the Australian market.

Today we will be reviewing the Touch Cruise which is a GSM phone (not suited, however, for the NextG network). One of the main features of this device includes the TouchFLO technology that will allow you to scroll, pan and zoom in on your photos as well as access different programs.  Another key feature is the built-in navigation software from ALK technologies: Co-Pilot Live.

Let's have a look at the other features that make this phone an outstanding choice if you are happy to use the Windows Mobile platform.

ATP GPS Photo Finder - Reviewed

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: ATP GPS Photo Finder - ReviewedAround last Christmas DigitalReviews flagged an upcoming product to simplify geotagging photos using GPS technology.  ATP has kindly provided a unit of their Photo Finder for review.  We put the ATP Photo Finder through some gruelling paces, so how does it rate?

Qingbar GP300 Wireless Video Glasses from YelloMosquito

Written by Kevin Cheng on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Qingbar GP300 Wireless Video Glasses from YelloMosquitoExclusive Hands-On Review

DigitalReviews has the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive hands-on review of the world's first wireless video glasses with built-in media player - a totally hands free, mobile private cinema screen viewable through a pair of glasses together with hi-fi audio through high quality earphones. As YelloMosquito describes it, the Qingbar GP3000 is a state-of-the-art device combined with Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) micro displays and media player.

The YelloMosquito Qingbar GP300 was previewed here in November 2007.  After taking the ‘scenic postal route’ over the Christmas break, the Qingbar GP300 arrived in late February 2008 due to the efforts of the extremely helpful and professional staff at YelloMosquito and 22moo.

Plane Quiet NC-7 Headphones - Reviewed

Written by Richard on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Plane Quiet NC-7 Headphones - Reviewed

The Plane Quiet NC-7  is a pair of noise-canceling headphones that offer the convenience of being able to take them wherever you go.  When evaluating noise-canceling headphones, we usually examine two main things:  how well the noise-cancellation feature works and whether the headphones have good sound with the noise-cancellation feature on or off.  If the product can nail these two down, then we've good a product.

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