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Nokia E61 Mini-Review

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Nokia E61 Mini-ReviewThe other day I had the opportunity to have a quick look at the Nokia E61 which most people would categorise as a Blackberry type smartphone. I only spent an hour with the E61 which probably doesn't do it justice so we'll just stick to the facts and let the pictures do the talking.

The E61 has a lot going for it with the full keyboard being the most noticeable feature of the phone. For short e-mails this is a godsend, particularly for those people, like myself, will find SMS-ing not the fastest way to communicate.  By necessity the keys are small and can lead to typing mistakes especially because the Delete and the Enter key are rather close together. I found the backlit keys excellent to work with.

Pila GL3 Tactical Torch

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

A Must-Have Crime Busting Tool.

Over a year ago, I had a look at the Pila GL3 from Permalight Asia. Since that last review, Pila have been hard at work overhauling their whole range.

their website has changed and so have the flashlights. Or have they?

Today I take another look at the GL3 and I’m quite excited. What’s so exciting about something as boring as a torch, I hear you say?

Well read on…

hp IPAQ 2210

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: hp IPAQ 2210

When you’ve been a PocketPC user for some years and have gone through several models you tend to develop a keen sense of what would be the ideal PDA for you.

In checking out the hp iPAQ 2210 did I come close to the ultimate machine?

Very close.

Dialogue ultra-portable Flybook (Part I)

Written by Martin Regtien on . Posted in Mobile Devices

Read more: Dialogue ultra-portable Flybook (Part I)In business it pays to be well-connected. For road warriors it becomes even more important to be able to have access to the Internet and other devices via all available means.
And you want it in the smallest possible package.

Let me introduce you to a close to ideal travelling companion, the Flybook from Dialogue. If you’ve been attracted to the likes of FlipStart, the OQO or any other ultra-portable notebook, you owe it to yourself to have a good look at the tablet-style Flybook. You expect it to have WiFi and Bluetooth, but add a SIM card slot for GPRS (there’s even a CDMA model), a CF / PC card slot, 2 FireWire ports and suddenly you have an ultra-capable machine.

Did you say you want it in Ferrari-red?

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