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Up Close with the Carson MM-840 eFlex Microscope

Microscopes have traditionally been used for scientific discovery and education but with the advent of inexpensive digital USB microscopes, the minutia of every day objects is now visible by everybody. ...

Zeiss VR One: a Virtual Reality Work in Progress

Terms like virtual reality and augmented reality have been around for some time and it is only fairly recently that we have some applications and hardware available for consumers to test out these concepts. ...

iPhone converted into medical microscope

Scientists have turned an Apple iPhone into a microscope for detecting intestinal worm infections, highlighting the potential of everyday technology for medical uses. ... Scientists have turned ...

Tegatech Clean Screen Mini Review

... 's what happened. We look at screens all day long. That's our work here at DigitalReviews Network. So much so that our eye balls have lost their roundness and have taken on the 4:3 shape of our moni ...

Elektron EHP-606 Network Media Tank - Reviewed

Not long ago DigitalReviews reviewed the Popcorn Hour Network Media Tanks, now we have the Elektron EHP-606 in our hot little hands.  The Elektron is the re-branded sibling of Popcorn Hour A-110 Network ...

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This is your home for in-depth and independent reviews of all things for our digital lifestyle: from computers to cameras, from mobile computing and GPS to software. We are headquartered in Australia but have specialist reviewers on three continents.

Our relationships with many manufacturers and suppliers often result in DigitalReviews Network getting the scoop on certain products and being able to be the first site to bring a detailed review on these.

We’ve been publishing reviews since 2002 with our flagship site,, an ever-growing and popular site to learn more about your intended purchases.

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