FireworksHappy New Year everyone!

Firstly, I would like to thank Martin and Arjan for building a solid platform with DigitalReviews.Net (DRN), and keeping me in the DRN family for the last 13 years. I still remember my “job interview” in 2007 – somehow scoring one of the GPS HUD units to review and I had my ’06 Saab 93 Aero (the last of the true Saabs before the GM parts bin completely took over.)

The second half of last decade I was AWOL more often than present, but somehow Martin always had enough patience to let me stay on and contribute on the rare occasions when I did. In January 2019 I made a conscious decision to draw a line in the sand, despite on-going personal turmoils, and return to doing something I have truly enjoyed – writing reviews on gadgets and technology. With a new outlook and perspective on life, I also reverted to my natural writing style that reflect my personality better, rather than the persona I adopted to survive the last decade.

He was once lost, but now he is found.

It was a surprise when Martin offered me the opportunity to step up to the grand poobah role, having been with DRN for so long it was hardly an offer I could refuse. Hell this is the longest “job” I have ever held by far, in contrast I have worked for 7 different companies in my day job in the meantime.

Both Martin and Arjan are staying on, and I would not have it any other way. We have big plans going into 2020 and beyond, and I am excited for the challenges ahead.

A mentor once said to me, the three biggest stressors in life is a new job, moving houses and a new relationship. I do not have a new relationship but I do have a toddler who is going through terrible twos early, I am right in the middle of a complicated house move, and I technically have a new job. So whilst technology never stops evolving and changing, DRN is taking a short breather until my network is up and running so I can get on with the job.

We will be back full steam ahead very shortly.