Generic-Featured-ImageFriends, readers, technophiles, lend me your eyes.

It has been a while since the DigitalReviews Network site have had a refresh. The old Joomla! engine served us faithfully for nearly a decade but it was certainly not aging gracefully. The limitations on the look and feel of the engine undermined the quality of our content, and it has long been a bugbear of mine. Since taking over the reigns in 2020, it was a year of taking stock, consolidation and building a team.

The site turns 18 this year, and as adults, we need an edgier new look. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our webmaster and resident ginger, @OeterB, for bringing the vision into fruition.

After months of consultation with myself as well as top marketing gurus, Peter’s new logo is unleashed on the completely new website. The logo combines sharp corners with futuristic technology-inspired curves with the DRN “Pulse” in a colour near and dear to both of us. But this is not just a refresh of aesthetics with a new logo, but rather a whole new website, utilising a modern content management system.

There has been immense amounts of work in the background and the time has come for the grand unveiling. As with any major renovations, there will no doubts be some hiccups. We also fully acknowledge there will be some ugly formatting on old posts from the migration. Bear with us, the future will look a lot better and all this growing pains will soon be a distant memory.

This new build has something for everyone: a much more modern look and feel which is friendlier to readers; a better backend for producing content for our editors; more features that will be turned on gradually as we bed this in.

OeterB & Aerokev - Working Hard since 2014

OeterB & Aerokev – Working Hard since 2014

To celebrate this milestone, we are going to do a big giveaway! Because what is a party without a present or two?!

Stay tuned and we will publish the details very soon.

In the meantime take a look around, catch up on our content, and check out our new About Page. The team would welcome any feedback.

Once again, thanks to Peter for his work and patience through all my pedantic, thought provoking demands. Besides, it triggers his OCD and makes him work better.