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GiveAway of CoPilot Navigation App for iPhone and Android (AU & NZ)

We’ve had a CoPilot GiveAway before and many folks missed out. So we’re running this again now that version 9.3 is out with the latest automotive-grade Australia and New Zealand street maps, 12 months free real-time traffic service and – most importantly — support for iPhone 5.

If you wanna know how important (and timely!) this is check the news from this week: drivers in trouble because iPhone own much maligned maps placed towns in totally different spots…

So if you want a great navigation app for free, click on the link below.

What do you need to do?


Simple: make a comment below and express your interest. Mention if you want the iPhone or Android app.  What could be easier?

We have only 10 to give away but if you want to improve your chances you can read any other review we’ve published, make a sensible comment and your chances have doubled!

And if you want to write a mini-review on this new app you are GUARANTEED to get this app. We’re constantly looking for new writers as we have some interesting gear under review: just have a look at the last 20 or 30 reviews!!

Close of GiveAway: 31 JAN 2013 so jump in and make a Comment!

Here’s the PR:

CoPilot GPS navigation apps get ActiveTraffic™ and support for iPhone 5
v9.3 includes latest automotive-grade Australia and New Zealand street maps, 12 months free real-time traffic service* and support for iPhone 5

London, UK, 13 December 2012. ALK Technologies, a global leader in mobile GPS navigation technology, today announced a major update for its CoPilot in-car GPS navigation apps for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

CoPilot version 9.3 for iPhone, iPad and Android brings updated automotive-grade street maps, real-time traffic information and integrated Google Local Search. The iOS version of the app also adds full-screen support for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini.
“Smartphone navigation apps have had a bad press recently”, said David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications at ALK. “There are lots of great mapping apps available for Android and iOS, but very few are capable of providing in-car guidance that motorists should depend on. This latest version of CoPilot provides automotive-grade features and quality maps that drivers can trust to get them from A to B safely and reliably, wherever they need to go.”
As with all CoPilot apps, premium-quality street maps are stored on-board the mobile device for offline use in remote areas or when no mobile signal is available.

New in CoPilot v9.3 for iOS and Android:
•         Updated Street Maps: the latest high quality NAVTEQ maps of Australia and New Zealand
•         Google Search. Find the nearby places you need using Google
•         New: ActiveTraffic™ (Australia-only). CoPilot’s real-time traffic service is now available for customers in Australia, using live traffic flow information to calculate the fastest route to your destination based on real-time conditions*
•         Themes: choose your CoPilot style with a variety of new colour schemes
•         Cloud back up: easily restore favourites and settings when you move to a new phone
•         Background navigation: CoPilot can continue to provide voice directions during a call
•         Designed for iPhone 5: CoPilot iOS apps take full advantage of the new iPhone’s screen, with incredible widescreen map views in landscape and tall-screen navigation in portrait:
•         Android location support: navigate to an address straight from an email

CoPilot navigation apps availability:
CoPilot Australia and New Zealand v9.3 apps are available for iOS and Android through the iTunes app store and Google Play. Existing customers can download the updated version as a free update.
CoPilot® Live™ Premium is the paid version of CoPilot, and includes lifetime-use voice-guided in-car GPS navigation with 3D maps and 12 months ActiveTraffic as standard.
CoPilot® GPS is the free edition of CoPilot, providing powerful trip planning and offline maps. Voice-guided turn by turn navigation and ActiveTraffic are available through in-app purchase
*12 months ActiveTraffic service included as standard within CoPilot Live Premium apps. Optional in-app purchase in CoPilot GPS app. Traffic service requires a mobile data connection.