DRN Xmas TreeIt is that time of the year again where the jolly old man right in the high risk Coronavirus age group makes his appearance across the globe, bringing gifts, glühwein and festive cheer.

I am not sure how to encapsulate 2020, where (in Australia) we began with bushfires in January, floods in February, the great toilet paper shortage in March. And of course, the unforgettable 200+ days of COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria. (Good luck NSW.) Well Santa, if it pleases you to give 2020 a giant lump of coal, although the greenies would be up in arms about how the coal came to be in the sack.

It would be an understatement to say that it has been a tremendously stressful year across the board. Everyone has been affected in some ways, whether it is directly due to COVID-19, or indirectly due to measures in place to contain the pandemic. I have heard stories of grief and despair, and I have heard stories of heroism from everyday people. Just when we need people to pull together, we have become more divisive than ever. Regardless of your beliefs, your actions could take or save a life.

Looking back at my first year in the Editor-in-Chief’s seat, it has been a year of consolidation and growth. We are now a team of eight editors with very diverse expertise and backgrounds, bringing you different points of views. My job was to build a team from ground up that complements each other, and different enough to strike out in new directions. We have had a settling in period and all the editors have made runs onto the scoreboard. I have Martin and Arjan to thank for the solid foundations that they have built for me.

I have had an interesting professional career path, but heading up DRN has given me the most personal growth and change in mindset for a very long time. It has been the quintessential work hard and play hard scenario and it has been incredibly fulfilling to work with my team.

There has been a lot of work in the background and all will be revealed in the new year. We have numerous reviews in the pipeline across a many areas of technologies. On top of that, we’ll be unveiling a new look and we’re excited to be sharing this with you very soon!

Stay tuned and be part of the journey as we push into a new year.

From the DRN team, wishing you all a safe and happy festive season!

P.S. Did someone mention a giveaway in the new year?