After many years of growth of our DigitalReviews Network it was time for a BIG face lift! But, far more than just cosmetics, the new site bristles with new features, both for our readers and for our editors. Check out the Light Box feature when you click on photos, you can now rate our reviews (ahead of having Comments), you can immediately see any related articles and the whole place is a lot tidier and easier to navigate than before.

Our advertisers will find plenty of more options to pitch their wares to our audience and we can more easily suss out how effective their advertising dollars are on the DigitalReviews Network.

We’ve looked after ourselves too as our reviewers will have a much easier time to upload new stuff. Makes for more frequent and fresh content, the life blood of any site. And Mr Google will love that too. Yes, we’re often Numero Uno on Google for the products we’ve reviewed and that’s nice. Most importantly, you can continue to expect from us the unbiased and in-depth reporting that we’re known for.

There’s only one problem: some of the gear we review is so good that we do become biased after our tests… but that’s OK (I think)…

Hey, browse around, try things out and let us know what we missed.

By the way, all of the important and popular reviews from the past years have been ported over but there’s still a few hundred to do over the next few weeks. We did decide to leave out the old News Posts tho’ but we’ll have plenty of new ones very soon!