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Kevin Cheng - DRN Bio

I am Kevin and I am the current Editor-in-Chief and owner of DigitalReviews Network. This is the short story. The long story requires substantial amounts of whisky and tapas.

My journey with technology began with a home-built computer, a whopping 4KB of RAM, a green monochrome monitor and the Pong game. It kicked off a life long orbit around computers and technology which eventually parlayed into a (so far) 24 year career in Information Technology. The journey has been convoluted and I have worked in many verticals, occupied seats from plebe to C-level.

I got my break with DRN back in late May 2007 when the site were giving away GlobalTop Bluetooth HUD GPS and I scored one for review. I don’t recall ever asking Martin why I got picked, but perhaps my unusual choice of driving a Saab might have caught his attention. Following that, he offered me an opportunity to be part of the team. The intervening years have been a roller-coaster ride for both my professional career and personal life, but what does not break me simply makes me stronger.

My background is in engineering, specifically in aerospace and fluid dynamics, an area I still love. But I am never one to stay still so along the way I have collected various levels of expertise in storage, communications, business continuity, IT disaster recovery and EDRMS to name a few. When you stir-fry those ingredients together, my niche is finding the right sized pieces to resolve pain points, my passion is always about innovation and ethical progress.

My social media landscape is still recovering after a direct hit from a nuke, but you are always welcome to say hello on Twitter: @aerokev


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