Martin Regtien

Founding Editor

Martin Regtien - DRN Bio

Starting up Digital Reviews Network back in 2003 with my son Arjan brought together my loves for writing and publishing and staying on top of technology.

A decade of marketing room-filling computers, mass storage systems and industrial robots with IBM in Europe set the course for most of my career. Parallel with that was my love for flying, from running my own flight school in Texas to commercial flying on 3 continents.

Having the best office views also inspired my love for photography, culminating in setting up AirPix for my aerial perspectives.

Family, and the grandies, keep me grounded in more ways than one. That’s where the purpose of life lies…

Glad that DRN is now in the hands of Kevin who’s been with us for about a decade and a half. And I’m excited about the team of whisky-loving editors he’s assembled. Talking about a high-spirited team!


Here are a few reviews you might enjoy. One is a popular review from ten years back (one of the first smart TVs from Samsung), with a couple of more recent examples (a top notch robovac from Miele and an innovative cordless chainsaw from EGO (complete with video)). These are just a sample of the hundreds of interesting gadgets, tools and appliances I’ve had the privilege to review.

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