Sennheiser Momentum3Like all of us, Sennheiser is looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. Personally I can’t stand the repetitive Christmas songs played everywhere (does anyone?), but immersed in good sound wrapping presents up for loved one sipping an alcoholic beverage is as good a tradition as anything.



Sennheiser has come to the party this year with true wireless earbuds, noise-cancelling around-ear headphone and a 3D audio soundbar for those marathon movie nights. And for those who prefer to make their music, Sennheiser also have you covered!

Wireless earbuds
CX400BT True WirelessCX 400BT – AUD$249.95 (from RRP $299.95)

  • Astonishing sound thanks to Sennheiser’s 7mm dynamic drivers
  • Personalised listening experience with built-in equaliser
  • Customisable touch controls
  • 7-hour battery life (+13 hours via the case)
  • Available in black or white


Momentum True Wireless 2Momentum True Wireless 2 black Product Shot – AUD$399.95 (from RRP $499.95) except for the Anniversary Edition

  • Exceptional sound featuring Sennheiser’s 7mm dynamic drivers
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparent Hearing feature that blends in ambient noise at a touch
  • Customisable touch controls
  • Smart Pause feature
  • Exquisite craftmanship
  • 7-hour battery life (+21 via the case)
  • Available in black, white or as a special 75th anniversary edition


Around-ear headphones to forget the world for a bit
HD 450BTHD 450BT Black – AUD$168.95 (from RRP $299.95)

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Great sound with deep dynamic bass
  • Intuitive controls including voice assistant button
  • Impressive 30-hour battery life
  • Available in black or white





Momentum WirelessMOMENTUM 3 – AUD$599.95

  • Outstanding sound performance
  • Three ANC modes and Transparent Hearing function
  • Auto On/Off and Smart Pause
  • Luxurious design with soft leather on the earpads and headband
  • 17-hour battery life
  • Tile Bluetooth tracker makes them almost impossible to misplace
  • Available in black or sandy white




Flex 5000Flex 5000 – AUD$349.95

  • Smart listening solution that intensifies TV sound for any pair of wired headphones
  • Dedicated profiles enhance TV, movies or music
  • Speech Intelligibility button dynamically reduces TV background noise for crystal clear dialogue





Ambeo SoundbarAMBEO Soundbar – AUD$3999.95

  • 3D soundbar that creates immersive sound with powerful bass, without the need for a subwoofer
  • Automated room calibration tailors the sound to the room – placing the listener in the center of the action
  • Supports 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H and DTS:X
  • Features Upmix Technology to recreate stereo and 5.1 content in 3D


Recording microphones
MK4MK4 – AUD$419.00

  • Ideal for home, project and professional studios
  • True condenser, large 1″ diaphragm microphone for vocals and instruments
  • 24-carat gold-plated diaphragm and full metal housing
  • Capsule shock-mounted internally to minimise structure-borne noise
  • Designed for project studios and stage use
  • Low inherent self-noise and high maximum SPL




e 835 / e 385 se 835 S – AUD$149

  • Intended for home recording, semi-pro studios and live sound
  • Dynamic, cardioid microphone that cuts through high on-stage levels
  • Clear reproduction with a high presence
  • Handles high sound pressure levels
  • Isolates handling noise, hum compensating coil
  • Rugged metal housing
  • * e 385 s comes with a noiseless on/off switch




e 935e 935 – AUD$299

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone with a famous sound signature
  • Highly consistent directivity
  • High feedback rejection
  • Shock-mounted capsule
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Extremely rugged metal housing




Monitoring Headphones

HD 200 ProHD 200 PRO – AUD$99 until 31 December 2020 (from RRP $149)

  • Closed, around-ear headphone design to reduce ambient noise
  • Sennheiser’s proprietary transducers deliver an outstanding stereo sound reproduction with powerful bass
  • The soft ear cushions and ergonomic design provide enhanced fit and comfort
  • Robust 2.0 m singled-sided cable
  • 6.3 mm (1/4”) stereo jack adaptor included



HD 25Sennheiser HD 25 – AUD$239.95 (from RRP $349.95)

  • Widely considered to be the “Industry Standard” for DJs
  • Rugged and lightweight monitoring and DJ-ing headphones
  • High sensitivity due to lightweight aluminum voice coils
  • Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels
  • Very lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods of time
  • Tough, detachable, single-sided cable
  • Rotatable capsule for single-ear listening