New research has revealed that an overwhelming majority of Aussies prefer reusable masks over disposable ones for environmental and comfort reasons. With extended lockdown having inspired many to get more creative, Aussies are looking for easy ways to make their own this Christmas.

Lockdowns may be coming to an end across the country but with wearing a face mask a proven way to limit the spread of Covid-19, they’re just as necessary as ever – especially as regional and international travel resumes.

New research, conducted in October 2021 by Pureprofile on behalf of Brother International Australia, on a sample of over 1,000 Australians, including 637 parents, revealed that three-quarters (72%) of Aussies are more likely to choose reusable face masks over single use.

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According to the national survey, 63% of us say they prefer reusable masks because they find them more comfortable to wear, while 61% say it is a conscious choice for the environment because they don’t want to produce waste. Over half of respondents (54%) also said they believe reusable masks are more affordable in the long run.

But it’s not just about the environment or the money, we’re also a style-conscious nation when it comes to our masks, with 15% saying that wearing a reusable gives them a chance to express themselves, while another 13% said they like to match their face mask to their outfit.

Lockdown unlocks creativity

The research revealed that while Aussies had more time on their hands during lockdown, few made their own mask, opting for store-bought options. Why? Well, the greatest barriers including not knowing how (49%), not having the right tools (36%) and thinking it’s too difficult (33%).
This is despite a staggering number feeling more creative – and creatively adventurous – than ever before during lockdown.
In fact, over half of Australians (56%) tried to tap into their creative side during lockdown and an even larger portion (60%) wished they had been more creative.

Creativity is especially key for parents with three-quarters (74%) saying it’s important their kids are creative every day and two-thirds of Aussie parents (66%) saying they were looking for new ways to be creative with their kids during lockdown.

Katie Parrott, craft, sewing and body-positive fashion influencer, said making your own masks and clothes is easy if you have the right tools.

It’s interesting to see that Australians wanted to be more creative during lockdown, which is likely why we saw the increase in demand for ‘paint by numbers’ and other craft-related hobbies, and yet very few opted for making their own masks.

You don’t have to be an expert sewer, or even an extremely crafty person, to be able to make your own mask – all you need is the right tools at your disposal. One of my tricks of the trade is using a cutting machine, which can scan a pattern for you and cut your favourite designs to create decals which you can stick on. No sewing required, and it’s super easy to use with the whole family!”

“Seasoned crafters and newbies alike can use it to design and create their own masterpieces from almost any fabric. A cutting machine allows you to not only cut fabric but also card, leather, self-adhesive vinyl, felt and foam automatically, all without having to connect to a PC!”

“My choice is the Brother ScanNCut cutting machines which have a built-in scanner and Blade Sensor technology, perfect for helping you unlock your creativity and it’s easy to get the kids involved too.”

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Getting creative this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner and the end of lockdown signalling reunions and a chance to catch up on all those missed celebrations, finding the perfect gift for loved ones is on the mind of many Aussies right now.

According to the research, over 75% of Australians say that they find handmade gifts more personal and thoughtful than store-bought gifts.
What’s more, 66% of Aussies say that making gifts for someone else is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, with more than half (55%) saying they would make customised items for friends and family (55%).

Katie added: “I love making gifts for people, because they are so thoughtful and have a personal touch. It’s not a gift you think they’ll just toss away to end up in landfill – ideally, it’s something they will cherish! This year I’m making personalised masks to reflect my friends’ and family’s personal style and personality using my cutting machine.

“Christmas is a great time to get the kids involved in making their own gifts for someone else. It’s not just great for them to expand their creativity, but it also teaches them important values about giving and items that last. So, get crafty this Christmas!”


Brother ScanNCut DX key features

  • The Brother ScanNCut DX’s built-in scanner allows you to create your own cutting files to make stickers, decals and more
  • The ScanNCut SDX1200 comes with over 1300 built-in designs and 17 fonts pre-installed
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  • Easy data transfer means you can save cutting data file to the machine’s memory and to a USB stick. You can also transfer a cutting file to and from your
    PC via a USB cable
  • Scan and cut large designs up to 29.7cm in width

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