Don’t miss a good Shokz deal heading into end of financial year. From 6 June to 16 June 2024, Shokz is offering an exclusive 15% off deal across key products on their website.

With 15% off across some of its most loved headphones, this is the perfect opportunity for all types of fitness enthusiasts to invest in a quality pair of headphones that boast comfort, stability, and audio quality, while also allowing users to remain alert and vigilant to their surroundings.

OpenFit | $245.65 (save $43.35)

Shokz’s OpenFit headphones offer an ultra-lightweight, open-ear experience, allowing you to listen to your audio while staying engaged with the world. Engineered with DirectPitch technology, enjoy premium audio quality that perfectly balances bold highs, clear mids, and surging bass. When on a call, OpenFit uses AI Call Noise Cancellation technology to ensure call quality. You can also rest assured when it comes to battery life, as OpenFit provides up to 7 hours of listening on a single full charge, and a total of 28 hours when stored within the charging case.


OpenRun | $186.15 (save $32.85)

Shokz’s OpenRun headphones bring a high-quality experience without compromising on safety, with an open-ear design that allows you to hear music and traffic at the same time. Weighing only 26g, enjoy bud-free listening and all-day comfort, whether you’re running on the streets or biking on the mountains.

The headphones offer eight hours of music and calls and when you run out of battery, a quick five-minute charge will give you 1.5 hours of listening time. IP67 water resistance will also keep your headphones safe from splashes, sweat, and even rain.


OpenRun Pro | $228.65 (save $40.35)

The OpenRun Pro are Shokz’s premium open-ear bone conducting headphones. Engineered with the 9th generation Shokz TurboPitch technology, experience unrivalled sound quality with an enhanced bass and crisp midrange. The headphones offer 10 hours of music and calls, and when you run out of battery, a quick five-minute charge will give you an additional 1.5 hours of listening time.

OpenRun Pro

OpenSwim | $203.15 (save $35.85)

OpenSwim takes open-ear listening to new depths. Its waterproof design can withstand being submerged in up to 2 meters, and its powerful battery and storage offerings allow for up to 8 hours of listening, and 1200 songs stored, making it the obvious choice for water-based activities, whether that’s laps at the local pool or taking on a triathlon, and everything in between.


There are also deals on the OpenRun Pro Mini, OpenRun Mini and OpenMove as well.