Out of lockdown and ready to mingle? Say Hello Tiger, an all new Australia app that promises to reinvent the way users interact in the wild world of digital dating.

Hello Tiger


Prioritising real connections, with real people, in real time, this free app is set to spice things up for all love-hungry singles. Between new and trending dating practices like hardballing and hard launching, Aussies are clearly embracing the no bullsh*t approach to finding love and Hello Tiger looks to take it one step further.

I want to save people’s time, eliminate the fakes, and let you get straight to the point to decide whether there’s a connection there or not. A lot of popular dating apps fall short when it comes to making more meaningful connections, which is why I wanted to do things very differently at Hello Tiger, by pushing for that face-to-face virtual interaction to help reignite that element of human contact”, says Hello Tiger Founder, Chris Dutton.

A whopping 50% of single millennials have actually pressed pause on dating while the pandemic runs its course, not just because of the physical restrictions, but because lockdown and iso love lacks a certain level of excitement. Hello Tiger has created a safe, secure, and welcoming space for singles to explore their love interests in a new and adventurous way, eliminating the pain points found in current dating apps.

Hello Tiger

Scrapping the swipe mechanism, with no need to craft a witty, polished profile for your fellow users to fawn over, Hello Tiger cuts straight to the chase. Once users have been matched, they engage in a 60 second video chat to find their most compatible companions, in fact, this portion of the dating process is mandatory if you want to keep talking on the app. Time to get working on your personal elevator pitch, people! In a similar effort to wean out any ‘catfish’ and eliminate the fake profiles and photos, users will be prompted to update their picture weekly and warning, this can’t be uploaded from your camera roll, you’ve got to snap a selfie on the spot.

You might be thinking geez, you’ve got to have a hefty set of kahunas to jump on this app and put yourself out there via video, but Hello Tiger wants to focus on fast-tracking your search for love. Weeding out the time wasters and people hiding behind profile pictures, and removing the hassle behind the back and forth (is he afraid of commitment…does she want to meet straight away…who knows?). Finally, we have an app that is breaking down the fear behind real, immediate communication, to let your true self really shine. We know for a fact that a lot of people will be looking to rebuild their confidence as society resumes a ‘normal’ way of life, so let this be the nudge you needed to strike up a conversation with a stranger today.

Hello Tiger officially launches today. Go get them Tiger.