Two million trees. This is the tree-mendous milestone donated on behalf of customers by Australia’s first carbon neutral certified mobile provider powered by 100% renewable electricity, felix mobile.

As part of its commitment to the environment, felix donates one tree per customer per month via One Tree Planted, empowering customers to drive positive environmental impact.

felix mobile

Hitting the two million tree milestone comes less than four years since felix launched and just a year since the donation of its one millionth tree on behalf of its customers. To celebrate this milestone, new customers signing up to felix can access its 25GB plan for just $10 a month for the first three months.

We are thrilled to reach this incredible milestone of donating two million trees on behalf of our felix customer community,” said Kelly Beater, Head of felix mobile. “These trees are set to restore around 4,000 hectares of wildlife habitat, which is comparable to the area of 8,000 football fields. This is important for not only greening our planet but also in reviving essential wildlife habitats worldwide.

felix’s tree-planting initiative is key part of its broader efforts to support the environment, which aims to minimise the mobile brand’s impact on our planet and help restore precious habitat for wildlife globally.

This is especially important in Australia, where ongoing habitat loss contributes significantly to wildlife extinction.

Between 2000 and 2017, more than 7.5 million hectares of habitat for land-based threatened species has been cleared in Australia*. In 2023 alone, the national list of threatened species grew by 144 entries, a fivefold increase from the annual average.

In response to the endangered status of koalas and the continuous threats they face from urban development and habitat destruction, felix has concentrated its tree-planting efforts within Australia in areas supporting koala habitat rehabilitation.

Felix’s partnership with One Tree Planted ensures trees donated are planted where they can most benefit ecosystems, communities, and climate change mitigation efforts.

We are delighted to work with felix mobile to plant trees and restore forests around the world,” said Beth Dalgleish, Regional Director Asia Pacific of One Tree Planted. “Their commitment to the environment is second to none, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to make a positive impact on the environment.

felix mobile has supported Bangalow Koalas via One Tree Planted to plant 138,000 trees as part of the Koala Corridor Project to aid habitat rehabilitation taking place in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. felix also donated $6,000 to the WWF for Nature-Australia to replace thousands of seedlings eaten by Claude the Koala at Eastern Forest Nursery in 2023.

The trees donated by felix customers are helping restore habitat all around the world, from Bangalow in Northern NSW to the Amazon rainforest. We are proud to support these worthy causes on behalf of our customers and look forward to continuing to help them make a positive impact around the world, one tree at a time,” Ms. Beater said.

Linda Sparrow, President of Bangalow Koalas said koalas, as an endangered species, are heading towards extinction unless urgent action is taken.

Projects like this are vital in habitat restoration, funding seeds needed to grow new trees for koalas and other wildlife, as well as creating corridors for them to move safely between forested areas,” she said.

Dr. Bree Talbot, Foundation Veterinarian and General Manager of Veterinary Services at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, highlighted the broader ecological benefits of habitat restoration for the local environment and its wildlife.

Tree plantings like these have a huge impact not just for koalas, but also the overall health of the ecosystem,” Dr Talbot said.

There are so many issues facing our wildlife today; from cars to climate change, habitat loss and displacement, and the work projects like these do in restoring land and providing habitat for wildlife is critical to ensure a sustainable future for all and for our Australian wildlife to survive and flourish.


felix mobile is Australia’s first telco brand to be powered by 100% renewable electricity and is also carbon neutral certified with a mission to transform the
mobile industry by combining value, simplicity, and sustainability. With three mobile plans on offer:

  • $40/month Unlimited mobile data plan at speeds up to 20Mbps
  • $30/month for 50GB
  • $25/month for 25GB – Use the code FELIX10 until 14 July 2024 to pay just $10/month for the first three months.

These plans come with no lock in contract and optional feature add-ons available, plus one tree planted every month you’re with us. felix is incredible value SIM only mobile plan, making a positive impact around the world, one tree at a time!