Following two years of stop-start lockdowns brought on by the pandemic, and evolving COVID-19 restrictions having an immediate impact on people’s exercise routines, fitness fans are embracing this new era of mix-and-match memberships, seeking a hybrid combination of both to support their present day lifestyle needs.

The Raise The Bar research report was conducted online by YouGov PLC, with a nationally representative sample of 1,029 Australians aged 18 years and older, and was carried out between 27th and 30th March 2022. All data was post-weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates. It shows that since gyms and group fitness centres have reopened their doors, Australians have maintained their at-home workout routines thanks to the plethora of online fitness options now available.

Just as working from home has become the ‘new norm’, hybrid workouts are the latest fitness trend sweeping the nation, with new research suggesting four in ten (40%) Australians are looking to simultaneously reap the benefits of gym memberships and at-home workouts, to round out their training.

The research indicates that in 2022, 5.5 million Australians (32%) work out at-home as their main form of exercise, as opposed to outdoor exercise (20%) and traditional gyms (13%). However, Australians do want it all and are opting for greater choice, mixing up their home workouts while casually frequenting the gym, to get the best of both worlds.

Peloton Guide Classes

Workout woes at gyms and in the home

The research also found that the rise of hybrid workouts can also be attributed to the ‘workout woes’ and pain points that Australians have experienced when exercising in the past. When it comes to returning to the gym, the report revealed nearly a third (30%) were nervous to commit to a long-term contract and are not comfortable having to share equipment that has been used by others (26%).

But that’s not to say at-home workouts aren’t without their challenges, with Aussies stating key drawbacks include not being held accountable (31%) and lack of a trainer when exercising (18%). Additionally, our furry friends and housemates also seem to get in the way, with over a quarter (28%) finding their pets and fellow house occupants are a distraction when working out at-home!

Peloton launches Guide to help Aussies stay accountable

To combat exercise-goers’ worries and enhance their fitness goals, Peloton has developed its very first connected strength training product, to create an enhanced experience that can transform a room with a TV, into a strength training studio This AI-enabled device uses machine learning and allows Members to see themselves on-screen and track their exercises alongside Peloton’s roster of global Instructors, while choosing from hundreds of classes, live and on demand, to suit their fitness goals.

As a result of the past two years, Australians are seeking more flexibility and choice in every aspect of their daily lives, so they don’t have to compromise on their lifestyle needs, and can work – as well as workout, from anywhere. Therefore, it’s easy to see why almost 40 percent of Aussies are embracing hybrid workouts. Australians are now considering what works best for their schedules and are enjoying the flexibility that comes with mixing up their routines,” said Amanda Gilmore, Country Manager – Peloton Australia.

Despite this, our Raise the Bar research highlights the barriers Aussies feel when they are working-out from home, noting the lack of accountability and number of distractions. Our newest connected strength product Peloton Guide, provides a few options to help Members stay accountable and motivated. This is the latest step in our journey to democratise fitness, while bringing together the best hardware and state-of-the-art technology, and combining this with our world class content and Instructors to redefine at-home fitness in Australia.

Fitness in full focus

The Peloton Guide launch will bolster Australians’ flexible workout regimes as the research highlights that when it comes to at-home workouts, Aussies are looking for the human aspect of exercising, with almost a third (28%) saying having a schedule to keep them accountable is important to them, while nearly a quarter (24%) say having a trainer/guide also supports their fitness aspirations.

Some new features of the Peloton Guide that will keep Australians motivated and accountable include:

  • Movement Tracker: The Peloton Guide camera tracks movement and motivates users to keep working and get credit for completing the movement throughout the interval.
  • Body Activity: The Guide’s AI technology also helps curate a well-balanced workout because it recognises which muscle groups Members have already worked out that week. Therefore, Members never miss an upper-body or lower-body workout since the program has it figured out.
  • Self Mode: Using the camera in this feature allows Members to see themselves on screen alongside an Instructor to check their form.
  • Movement Details: If Members would like to check their form before class, there’s also a movement details feature that lets them access the exercises ahead of time.

Gilmore adds “Strength is our fastest growing fitness modality, and as the leader in Connected Fitness, we’re excited to bring this next product innovation to our Members, offering them a convenient strength training solution, that’s not only motivating – but fun. With Peloton Guide, Aussies will be able to use their own TV, equipment, weights, or accessories and won’t need any bulky devices to start their at-home strength training experience.

The Peloton Guide is available for $445 AUD from Existing Peloton All-Access Members will be able to add Guide to their Membership at no cost, with Guide-only Members able to receive the All-Access Membership at an introductory price of $35 AUD per month for the rest of 2022 to access Peloton’s live and on-demand content library. Interest-free financing is available with Affirm for eligible customers from $19 per month for 24 months, or $38 per month for 12 months (total price $445 AUD).