PNY demonstrates their commitment to the Australian market having signed a new distribution agreement with Leader Computers.

The added extra resources, value, commitment and presence in the Australian market sees Leader representing all PNY VGA, SSD and DRAM products, their local RMA service, local marketing activities and pre and post sales support across the country. This new partnership will be a major boost for and add significant value to IT channel resellers, SMB, education and corporate resellers, e-tailers, national retailers, system integrators and managed service providers.

PNY, founded in New York in the 80s, still assembles their parts in America. They have a reputation for providing solid, quality components leads them to be one of the more respected brands, but without the flash and glamour of being one of the big brands in the computer components market. Ginger has been running his gaming rig using PNY’s XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB RAM and loving the extra performance it’s given his computer. It’s reliable, speedy, with a splash of colour, but a solid performer.

XLR8 RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory Pink Limited Edition


PNY regional sales director (ANZ), Robert Wu, explained, “PNY was looking for a professional and capable component distributor in Australia to meet the needs of our rapid growth in Australia. Leader is one of the largest component distributors in Australia and thus, we can and will leverage its strengths in each sales channel. Leader are the perfect complement to PNY and our VGA, SSD and DRAM products in Australia.

Wu added, “Leader have dedicated local account managers with great product knowledge for their network of over 10,000 resellers. They also have nationwide distribution with large warehousing in five major capital cities and the fastest dropship in Australia.

With the new partnership in full swing Leader are now not just responsible for PNY’s products, service, marketing and support, but as the sole distributor of PNY VGA, SSD and DRAM products in Australia it is also part of their remit to promote the PNY brand.

PNY offers latest NVDIA’s GTX and RTX series graphic cards


Leader Computers Product Director, Simon Yang, said, “We are incredibly excited for this new partnership with PNY whose strong heritage as a PC component manufacturer represents an amazing opportunity for our reseller channel to continue to diversify & enhance their product portfolio. Leader is one of the largest IT distributors in Australia covering all 5 major cities which include local sales, warranty, support & most importantly stock so we can deliver same day & deliver fast.

PNY is a natural fit for Leader as we are a broad based distributor focused on gaming, consumer, enterprise, corporate & more. PNY’s solutions cover all these verticals & more – And we aim to add value to this partnership through our pre-sales support, white label marketing, local sales & local RA to help our channel partners to go to market with PNY with confidence & trust with Leader supporting them.

PNY XLR8 CS3040 Gen 4 SSD in PS5™ SSD slot


It’s great news that PNY are adding extra presence in the Australian market with the new distribution agreement. We live in a time where computer components are challenging to get and even more challenging to get at a reasonable price. PNY’s products offer a superb, reliable alternative which is at a more consumer friendly price point.

For more on PNY graphics cards, solid state drives and DRAM go to their website.